Feminist whiner goes to Wal Mart, outbreak of Feminut Outrage ensues

The source of said outrage? A T-shirt!

Via NewsBusters

Yahoo! Style Outraged By Walmart’s ‘Sexist’ Batman T-Shirt 

Lauren Tuck unleashed against superhero-themed T-shirts that are supposedly “displaying blatantly sexist messages” in a Wednesday post in Yahoo’s Style section. Tuck cited a blogger who ranted against one such shirt at Walmart that features the slogan, “Training to be Batman’s Wife.” The writer not only targeted “chauvinistic apparel” involving DC Comics characters, but also two shirts related to Marvel Comics’ “The Avengers” series. The Yahoo! Style assistant editor led her item, “Sexist Superhero T-Shirts Cause Controvery,” by spotlighting how “this week, Thor, one of Marvel’s principal characters, became a woman. But while one aspect of the superhero universe is becoming more diverse, another is causing controversy.” She continued with her “blatantly sexist messages” line, and noted that the shirts are apparently “sparking indignation across social media platforms.” 


Tuck first zeroed in on “Training to be Batman’s Wife” T-shirt, and pointed out that “blogger PJ Curtis discovered [the] t-shirt in the junior’s section of Walmart…’The idea that you should settle for being married to or sleeping with someone awesome instead of being the awesome person is insulting,’ she wrote on her blog PJ Says. ‘This just happens to be aimed at a young girl. I resent the idea that she should “train” to be so Batman’s wife.’”

2 thoughts on “Feminist whiner goes to Wal Mart, outbreak of Feminut Outrage ensues”

  1. Could have been a gay man wearing that t-shirt. Or a transvestite/transsexual/whatever. How embarrassing for her if it was.
    She’s a nut job twit.

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