I am pretty sure they would have to get the “System” pretty damned drunk first


Stacy McCain has his latest on the Feminuts up, you should read it all.  

If you want to understand feminism, begin by studying abnormal psychology. Perhaps no fact about the Women’s Liberation movement of the 1960s and ’70s is more significant than this: Shulamith Firestone, a pioneering leader of so-called “Second Wave” feminism who co-founded the radical feminist group Redstockings, was a paranoid schizophrenic who died alone at age 67, having spent decades on public assistance because of her mental illness.

Feminists can blame Firestone’s pathetic fate on the oppressive patriarchy if they wish, but sane people must suspect that the cause-and-effect are quite opposite. That is to say, while feminists believe that the patriarchy makes women crazy, the rest of us suspect that crazy women made the patriarchy — inventing this imaginary conspiracy of “male supremacy” as the phantom menace of their paranoid minds, a fantasy bogeyman, a rationalization of their own unhappiness and misfortunes.

As I said go read it all

2 thoughts on “I am pretty sure they would have to get the “System” pretty damned drunk first”

  1. If women want to gain respect (I’m female, BTW), this is hardly the way to go about it. As far as I see it, men are way more likely to respect women who act like ladies (examples being Sarah Palin, the late Margaret Thatcher, Michelle Malkin, and Nikki Haley to name a few) then those on the left who have no sense of modesty, dignity OR maturity.

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