The Left can justify and excuse any crime it seems

All they have to do is throw the word justice behind their cause, ideal, perversion, moral retardation, or Hell, even crimes. And no matter what they actually did, know two things. First, they are victims, and second, they can find idiot celebrities to rally to their cause Stacy McCain has this story about a man, woman, tranny cold-blooded butcher who wishes to hide behind a wall of “Transformative Justice” . After all, what is slaughtering a child when compare to “Fill-in-the-Blank Justice”?

Ebony Williams was a 13-year-old girl from Harlem. In August 1993,Ebony was brutally murdered by two men:

Investigators said the girl was believed killed in an apartment in Hunts Point on Aug. 22. She may have been raped, they said, and her throat was cut and her body was stomped and packed in a large cardboard box by two men.
The two, joined by a third man who became a police informer in the case, carried the box a few blocks to Whitlock Avenue and East 165th Street, leaving it under the Sheridan Expressway near Bruckner Boulevard. One of the killers later returned, doused the box with gasoline and set it afire, the police said.
A passenger on a No. 2 train, running on elevated tracks nearby, saw the flames and called the police. Detectives found the body badly burned. There were no clothes, jewelry or other means of identification. “All I saw was that her hair had been worn in corn rows,” Sergeant Garvey recalled.

It took two weeks to identify Ebony Williams by dental records. By then, police had already arrested Ebony’s killers, including Luis Morales, who was then 18 years old. Morales is doing a life sentence in Attica, where he now calls himself “Synthia China Blast,” and had apparently convinced at least one gullible journalist that “she was a former drug dealer and Latin King gang member . . . convicted in 1996 for a gangland murder she says she didn’t commit.”

Two things about many criminals. First, they are often very persuasive, especially to the gullible. Second, as McCain points out THEY LIE!

Really, what’s a few convenient self-serving lies in comparison to raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl? But sympathy for criminals is very fashionable for liberals, so whenever a criminal can make up a story that will gain them pity, there is always a bunch of liberal fools who are willing to believe their stories.

Liberals are controlled by two things, their emotions, and their perverse need for everything and everyone to be equal. So, the whole morality thing is kinda tough at times. And, of course, their emotionalism leads them to be duped far more easily than normal people.

There are entire tax-exempt organizations dedicated to convincing liberals that these criminals are actually victims of “social injustice.” One such organization is the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP), which advocates on behalf of “transgender” criminals.

Note what I said earlier about throwing the word “justice” or in this case “injustice” behind words like social, economic, environmental, transformative, and so on. This is how the Left deceives. They love them some “justice”. But, again, Liberals often refuse to understand that the way the Left defines justice, is not the way that normal people define it. Thus, good intentions, can be used to defend evil.

The SRLP managed to convince Emmy-winning actress Laverne Cox that child-killer Luis Morales/”Synthia China Blast” is a victim, and Coxrecorded a video reading a letter from Luis/”Synthia“:

“I was born and raised in the South Bronx, however since age 15 I’ve been raised in prison. In fact — since age 16 — I’ve only been home once, in 1993, for three months. I’ve been in prison ever since. I’m 38-years-young.” . . .

“I am a political transgender woman/prisoner. I strongly support the rights of LGBT brothers and sisters in the community who are imprisoned also.”

“They may not live in a cage 23 to 24 hours a day like I do, year after year, with no fellow prisoner contact, but they too face the constant torment that LGBT prisoners face in here.”

“Lack of adequate medical care, abusive and evasive treatment by law enforcement officials, denial of basic human rights, the freedom to live among the straight society without fear of retaliation.”

Playing up the victim-of-transphobic-discrimination angle, Luis/”Synthia” was able to con people into believing he/she was a “political prisoner,” and Laverne Cox got sucked into this vortex of stupidity. Cox posted her video Tuesday at the SRLP site, and it took three days for the truth about Luis Morales’ crimes to hit the Internet, at which point Cox demanded that SRLP take down the video.

To Cox’s credit, she at least realized she had been fooled, unlike many celebrities who refuse to admit their mistake. The troubling thing about her demand that the SRLP take down the video, which they did, is the response the SRLP gave

Laverne Cox partnered with us on our End Solitary campaign by reading a letter from SRLP member Synthia China Blast in a video, but has since requested that we remove the video from our site because of her concerns about Synthia’s convictions. We understand her decision is based on concerns about violence against children. We also understand that it is challenging to respond to the reality of violence within our communities, and is an ongoing challenge many of us face in our lives and work. While we understand this struggle, we also reaffirm our support for Synthia China Blast, and our position on prison abolition and transformative justice.

Ah, even though this monster SLAUGHTERED, a child, they still support this evil beast! Crimes? Murder? Rape, Setting a child’s body on fire? What is any of that when they are pursuing, wait for it, Fill-in-the-Blank Justice, right?

SRLP is aware that there are people within and outside of the transgender and LGB communities who question our unwavering support of our incarcerated members, regardless of their underlying convictions.  We firmly believe that regardless of a person’s crime, no one should have their human rights violated or be subjected to state sanctioned torture. Supporting any individual person is not about pardoning their crime, but about protecting the rights of all incarcerated people and ending the use of systematic torture as “punishment”.

Well, there you go folks. Sure this piece of human filth slit the throat of a child, but being convicted of that crime? That is just an “under lying” issue don’t ya know. No, the REAL problem here is that there is no Transformative Justice, THAT, to these bottom feeding cretins is the real issue!

Go read the rest, and you might want to bring a vomit bag with you. McCain highlights yet another “victim”, whose “community” was so oppressed by Transformative Injustice that they had to turn to child porn. Of course those innocent children are victims too, their lives are destroyed, but again, I suppose the SRLP has no time to pursue “justice” for them. This whole defending murderers and perverts is time consuming.



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