A very sad commentary on the mindset of too many Blacks in America

In seeking to memorialize Saint Mike Brown, residents of Ferguson set up a shrine to honor his memory, H/T Clash Daily


It amazes me how Liberals do not look at such scenes and say WTF? What are the people who placed those objects trying to say about Brown, and, more importantly, what are they saying about their community? Is this really what they honor? It baffles me how some in the “Community” are always going to attack the police, no matter the facts. And it amazes me that these same folks will defend the “victim” no matter what he did. Yes, there are cases of police abusing their power, yes, those cops ought to be punished, but there is no sane reason for the riots, looting, and thuggery, none at all. 

The sadness of this photo is also that the race pimps of this nation have brainwashed so many Liberals, especially Black Americans into not merely believing their race propaganda, but somehow NEEDING to believe it. Honestly, I can think of nothing more despicable than to tell a race of people that everything, everything about them is based solely on their skin color. To teach them, that everything bad in their life is because of their race, and of course because of the Republican Party. Of course, race pimps have to make a living, so actually helping to solve problems in the Black community? No, that does not pad their wallets, that does not keep Blacks voting almost exclusively for the Democratic Party now does it?


3 thoughts on “A very sad commentary on the mindset of too many Blacks in America”

  1. They are burning down their own neighborhood tells you how mindless they are, gonna be hell driving to the next town to cash in their foodstamps

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