The sad reality the West MUST face up to

That reality is one I have expressed often concerning the Israeli/Palestinian situation. The West keeps hoping to find a solution through negotiations. Well intended, I am sure, but it is also a fools errand. The truth is you cannot negotiate with Islamists who hold human life as valueless

Somalian refugee turned activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali sees the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza as a microcosm of a much larger global problem, and does not believe that a peaceful solution is possible as long as radical Islam continues to exist.

In an interview with Israel Hayom’sYael Lerner, Hirsi Ali says that groups such as Hamas that subscribe to radical Islam cannot be negotiated with because they do not value life.

“You can negotiate with fellow human beings with whom you have some kind of common ground”—that is not the case with Hamas, according to Hirsi Ali.

“Israel is investing everything it has into life on earth” while “Hamas is investing everything it has into life after death,” says Hirsi Ali.

She points to the Hamas recruiting slogan of “we love death, they love life” and their vision of a “utopia” where “the State of Israel must be completely destroyed,” “Sharia law has to be established, ideally, all over the world,” and women have to “be locked up.”

Unless the West is willing to give in to their utopia, “it is pointless to go to the negotiations table” because of Hamas’ “philosophy on life and death.”

“They welcome death, death, death,” says Hirsi Ali. “In the Hamas narrative, which is also the Wahabi narrative and the Salafi narrative, you get to ecstasy and self actualization after you die, not before you die, don’t be silly. So now you have millions of people who welcome death, and that is very confusing for Westerners to understand.”

“For somebody like John Kerry it is too much to understand,” concludes Hirsi Ali.

To make her point, she compares Gaza to Spain, Italy, and Greece when they were poor following World War II.

“They built a network of tunnels, but these were tunnels built to connect the countryside to the cities or one country to another country, so there would be more trade, more contact. You look at Hamas and you think that they’ve worked so hard, spent so much money, spilled so much human blood and treasure on building these tunnels, but what is the objective? To destroy and to be destroyed. That is the philosophy of death.”

Please go read the rest. This woman KNOWS what she speaks of. She has LIVED it. The vast majority of Westerners have not, although parts of Europe are closer than they  think to it. It is a part of the nature of Western Culture to be forgiving, and to want peace, to believe in the ability of all to peacefully coexist. But that is simply not possible with radical Islam. Too many Leftist in the West refuse, for various reasons, to accept Islamists for what they are, evil. They refuse to see that you might as well negotiate with a pack of rabid dog as with Hamas, or Hezbollah, or any other Terrorist group. 

One simple fact sums it all up when seeking to defeat Islamists. They love death more than we love life. America, as the leading power of the West was founded on certain principles. One of those was expressed by Patrick Henry “give me liberty, or give me death”. I am not sure how many Americans, or Westerners still would hold to that principle. But, if we are to defeat Islamists we must return to that principle. The Islamists do love death more than life, so, we must continue to love life, but, we must also understand that life, without liberty, is worse than death.

2 thoughts on “The sad reality the West MUST face up to”

  1. The problem is and has always been that Barack Obama and the rest of the Left DO NOT understand the enemy we are fighting! Here is some help for them in articles I have published at The Political Commentator:

    Know thy enemy: “The 39 Principles of Holy War”

    Graphic Video: This is the enemy the Left wants to negotiate with!


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