What is the deal with so many cops shooting dogs?

I am sure in some cases the shootings are justified, but seriously this seems to be happening a lot

A Georgia man says that he was threatened with jail time if he tried to treat his dog after a police officer shot the animal in the throat.

Tim Theall told NBC Atlanta that Doctor, his 9-year-old German Shepherd, ran to the front of his house after being let out of the back yard Thursday evening.

“And before I turned the corner of the house, I heard two shots; I heard a cop go, ‘Holy [expletive],’” Theall told NBC Atlanta.

Doctor had apparently caught a DeKalb County police officer off guard as he was investigating a false house alarm call.

To make matters worse, the officer refused to allow the man to try to treat his dog, even threatening him with arrest. Good Freaking Grief!

3 thoughts on “What is the deal with so many cops shooting dogs?”

  1. Why do so many cops kill dogs …

    Too much paperwork if they kill the owner (but they would probably get a few weeks off of paid vacation during the rubber stamp investigation).

    Too much public attention is being paid right now about police theft through asset forfeiture so that activity has to be on the down low right now

    Too risky to go after violent criminals — they might shoot back

    No incentive to go after white collar criminals — would take away their biggest supports in the democratic party apparatus

    Too visible to hang out at the doughnut shop all day

  2. Several factors……

    First of all shooting dogs with impunity demonstrates to the sheeple who is LARGE AND IN CHARGE…..a demonstration of violence to keep people intimidated and compliant. A tactic that is liable to backfire one of these days.

    Second…..when your hiring practices are skewed to screen FOR bullies, sociopaths and degenerate thugs that is what you will end up hiring. And one of the commonest character traits for these thugs is cowardice…..deep down they are AFRAID…..so they resort to violence early, often and with no thought process. It’s almost reflexive…..feel threatened? Shoot something.

    And finally they do it BECAUSE THEY CAN…..it’s a perk of the job and it’s “so much fun”.

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