You know, I was wondering what the Man vs Food guy said that caused an outbreak of Offendeditis

As Stacy McCain reports, Adam Richman got into an online spat with a fat chick, or, a “body image” activist, or, to be more honest and to the point, Richman offended someone who is perpetually offended anyway, and BAM! She attacked him like he was two dozen Dunkin’ Donuts!

It was fun to watch and the food was always delicious-looking, but inevitably Richman got kind of pudgy from all that eating. Then he went on a diet and lost 70 pounds, becoming sufficiently fit that he was photographed nude for the British edition of Cosmopolitan.

Understandably, Richman was proud of his dieting success, so he posted a photo of himself wearing a pair of pants from his “fat” size, holding out the waist to show how much he had lost. When he posted this photo on Instagram, he used the hashtag #thinspiration.

That hashtag apparently invited a harsh comment from a “body image” activist (as angry fat chicks now call themselves), and Richman did not react wisely: “DILLIGAF?” (Do I Look Like I Give a F–k) was his first comment, and this attracted another “body image” activist who “made a post about Adam’s ‘DILLIGAF’ comment on my personal Instagram, and asked my followers to ‘tell him that eating disorders are not a joke and nothing to take lightly.’ My followers did just that, but I didn’t for one second predict the vitriol that followed.”

The so-called “vitriol” from Richman wasn’t anything particularly shocking to people who are accustomed to online arguments:

“Give me a f–king break. If anyone acts like a c–t I’ll call them one. It’s not misogyny, it’s calling a spade a spade.”
“No — I legitimately don’t give a f–k about haters & close minded internet loudmouths like you. . . . Seriously, grab a razor blade and & draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.”

Like I said: Not shocking to people accustomed to such arguments, yet not quite in keeping with the wholesome image of the host of a popular TV series. As a result, Richman’s new show was delayed:

Well, OK Richman said some hurtful things, and so did the activists. Richman mean no harm by his initial post, he is proud of his weight loss. If the “activists” had not jumped all over him, then that would have been the end of it. But, activists cannot let an opportunity to speak “truth to power” and let everyone know what a victim they are. No, Richman should have not been so vociferous in his reply. But, I must say, a part of me says “who cares”.  I think many of us are sick and tired of the constant parade of Offended Americans whining aren’t we? OK, you were offended, big deal, move on. We have become too sensitive, and we have too often allowed whiners to have their way. In short, as McCain notes, we should have told the Thought Police to piss off a long time ago. Instead we gave in and coddle them.

The Feminist Thought Police got him. This controversy wasn’t really about eating disorders and “body image,” except insofar as those issues are a subset of the Feminist Grievance Cluster, along with date rape, the “pay gap,” abortion and Hobby Lobby.

Maybe there are male “body image” activists, but I never heard of one. No, it’s exclusively a fat chick issue, which means it’s also a feminist issue, and one look at Amber Sarah — the fat chick who may have cost Adam Rich his TV show — tells you all you need to know.

Her blog is called “Adipose Activist: One fat girl’s battle against size discrimination,” and I’ve got a terrible fear that fans of Adam Richman may be tempted to say rude things about Amber Sarah. So whatever you do, don’t say anything rude about her.

AS I said before, Richman went a bit over the edge, the “C” word is truly hateful, and that whole suicide thing? I am sure he did not mean that literally, and frankly, if I was in charge of deciding if his new show went forward or not, I would make it clear to Richman that he does not repeat the outburst. But, the show, his show WOULD go on. First because it will be popular, and secondly, to stick it the eyes of the PC crowd who have turned America into the land of the offended. And, hey, if his show is canned, McCain has a solid idea

Anyway, if Travel Channel dumps Adam Richman, I’ve got an idea for his next reality-show series, an idea that would be perfect for Spike TV: Beautiful women compete to prove that they know their way around the kitchen in . . . Make Me a #$@&ing Sandwich.

Brilliant! And, being a giver by nature, I will offer to help select the aforementioned hot women. I am nothing is not selfless.

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