There he goes again, stirring up the Feminists

“He” in this case is Robert Stacy McCain. He might be the world’s leading authority on angering Feminists, who are usually ready to be outraged any way

Adam Serwer is a liberal journalist and when I saw his byline on a story about the first Men’s Rights conference, I feared the worst. Yet his article about the conference is surprisingly fair, perhaps because the organizers were well-prepared for media scrutiny. A genius move: Most of the speakers on the first day of the conference were women – and thus was debunked the accusation of misogyny.

This is one of the dirty little tricks of feminism: If you criticize feminists, you’re accused of hating women. But as someone who criticizes feminism on a daily basis — the founder of National Offend a Feminist Week — I know that the opposite is true. I criticize feminism because I love women. Heck, I even love the women who hate me. Feminists are just so cute when they’re offended, and when I read some radical lesbian’s denunciation of heterosexuality, proclaiming their “revulsion” toward the penis, my reaction is, “Yeah, baby. Keep talking sexy like that and I might buy you a drink.”

Why do Feminists hate penises? Maybe because they hate men, and they hate seeing men have fun and men have fun with their units, so……….


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