Saturday Evening/Sunday Morning Links

Wirecutter leads off with a WTF? moment

A Nod to the Gods: Scandals by the multitude

The Other McCain: IRS admits guilt

Maggies Notebook: Islam’s War on Christianity

1389 has a slew of animal stories 

Moonbattery: Obama the Weak

90 Miles From Tyranny exposes Male Privilege myths

William Teach: If all you see……

Motor City Times: Well, Obama has done SOMETHING to our standing in the world

Fritz ponders a Yoga Tax? 

Nice Deb: Saturday Movie Matinee

Robert agrees with me, the kids coming over the border is a manufactured crisis

Donald Douglas: The Supreme Court’s attempt to check Obama

Reaganite Republican has a Reagan quiz

Political Clown Parade: Soccer sucks!

Angry Mike has Smokin’ Friday

Animal Magnetism: Gingermageddon!

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot!: Ya, know, Jennifer Lawrence might be single again……… 

Randys Roundtable: Britney Spears in bikinis

Blazing Cat Fur: What do i have to do to get arrested by these cops?

Bob Belvedere on Republican Surrender Monkeys

Proof Positive: Monica Spear is HAWT!

Conservative Hideout: Thad Cochran Campaign of Shame

Rio Norte: A lax border is not just about jobs

Bill Quick: The NY Times is to journalism what a one legged man is to an ass kicking contest

Daniel Greenfield has the Friday Round Up

Diogenes Middle Finger turns 4!

Doug Ross: Now the NRSC wants our money?

Earl of Taint notes that Amy Adams gave her seat away, and what a seat she has


Goodstuffs Cyber World has some Good Stuff!

Big Fur Hat: Free Speech, Spray Paint, and Liberal Dirtbags

I’m 41: Yep, Obama has a strange philosophy

It Ain’t Holy Water: YEP evolution!

Doug Powers: Did you really think the Gore Cult of Climate Change was not going to blame Iraq on, well, you know

Old Virginia: People are not boxes

Regular Right Guy: Marie Harf, Mental Midget!

Rotten to the Core: You kinda knew THIS was coming 

Stogie: What has a Feminist ever done for you?

Spellcheck: What are the morons  at the UN up to now?

That Mr. G Guy: It IS about the Benjamins

Last Tradition: Jeny Romero

Lonely Conservative: Man that Obama is a real, well, something

Theo Spark has Cartoons

Zions Trumpet: Is Anyone listening?

Double Trouble has abandoned places

Feral Irishman: Now THIS is a chair

Hookers and Booze: Look at her

I Love Bacon has quality mechanics

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