If only the NRSC fought this hard to defeat Statist Democrats

Stacy McCain has an ugly feeling that the Republican leadership will blow 2014 by attacking Conservatives rather than Democrats. 

If the Republican Party spends money to turn out Democrat voters against a conservative in a GOP primary — the paid professional party apparatus doing this as a deliberate strategy — what message does that send to conservatives, whose votes are crucial to whatever hope Republicans have of winning an electoral majority?

You can read the New York Times analysis of Tuesday’s result in Mississippi and glean whatever “moral of the story” you wish, but my visceral sense of what it means can be summarized in one word: Disaster.

Maybe that’s just me.

Whether what the Republican Party did to re-nominate Thad Cochran was illegal is one question, and Chris McDaniel has vowed to challenge the outcome of the runoff, to answer that question.

However, there is no question at all that what the Republican Party did in Mississippi was wrong — both morally and politically. To seek the assistance of your political enemies in order to defend the seat of a corrupt and ineffective septuagenarian like Thad Cochran? This is not, as some GOP operatives are telling each other, a clever “strategy” for defeating an insurgent challenge; this is lying and cheating — a breach of trust that brings shame to the party, per se.

There are several words I would use to describe the tactics of the National Republican Senatorial Committee in the Mississippi run-off election last night. Despicable, deplorable, disgusting, cowardly all come to mind, especially when I recall that the GOP establishment did ZIP, NADA, NOTHING, at all, to help Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor race last year. I guess Cuccinelli was just too Conservative, so the GOP “leadership” decided that a buffoon like Liberal Terry McCauliffe was better somehow. We see how the GOP “leaders” treat Conservatives, and how they treat Republican voters don’t we? They prefer to play the race baiting game to woo voters, voters that will NEVER vote for a Republican come November, to defeat a Tea Party Candidate.

Frankly, a GOP primary ought to be decided by GOP voters! And if a run-off is required after that, then that run-off should be decided by Republican voters. then, AFTER that election is decided, THEN the NRSC, or NRCC, or GOP leaders ought to do their level best to get the nominee elected. But, again, the establishment GOP cares more about their power than anything else. In short, they do not care about your liberty, the Constitution, or helping America get back on track. If they did, they would make their efforts to defeat Democrats, not Conservatives.

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