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Via Stacy McCain

Women’s Soccer Scandal: Famous Player Is Allegedly Violent, Heterosexual

Hope Solo won two Olympic gold medals as goalie of the U.S. women’s team, and is now under arrest in Washington State:

Kirkland police said a man called 911 to report a woman was assaulting someone inside the house in the 10600 block of 124th Avenue Northeast. The officers arrived to find soccer great Hope Solo, allegedly appearing intoxicated and upset. Her sister and 17-year-old nephew were injured. They concluded Solo was the aggressor and arrested her.

A soccer player is a violent criminal? This isn’t really news, is it? But the real scandal is buried deeper in the story:

Two years ago, former [University of Washington] and NFL player Jerramy Stevens was arrested for allegedly assaulting Solo.  Hours later, the couple married; the charges were later dropped.

A female athlete is heterosexual? Married to a man?

It is not exactly a shocker that a heterosexual woman would be a great athlete. Stacy McCain overplays the Lesbian angle a bit, but no one can deny that there is a heavy Lesbian presence in leagues like the WNBA. And no one can deny the heavy presence of Lesbianism in women’s sports. Personally, I would bet the fan base is more heavily Lesbian than the players, but that is just supposition. I would even place a bet that the more attractive a female athlete is, the more likely she is straight. But again, that is supposition on my part. Years ago, two women came into a sports bar I ran at the time. They asked if I could get the WNBA game on, and I said sure. After getting them seated and their game on, one lady said to me “Thanks, us Lesbians have to have sports to watch too.” 

Now, on to something more important, Hope Solo, might kick your ass when she is drunk, but she is hot

hope-solo hope-solo1`

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