Another radical with ties to President Obama?

Is there no end?

Add @MohamedElibiary to the list of Obama administration scandals that the Democrat-Media Complex expect us to ignore. Ace of Spades was all over this story last night: “By the way, this ‘senior fellow’ at DHS is a Muslim Brotherhood booster. He called Mohammad Morsi, the now-deposed Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Egypt’s Nelson Mandela.” But al-Qaeda just captured Saddam’s old chemical weapons plant in Iraq, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Good Freaking Grief

3 thoughts on “Another radical with ties to President Obama?”

  1. Jay, you are insane! Nobama doesn’t give a damn about America! He’s a Muslim, at best, and a Muslim himself! At least Bush LOVED America and he loved his troops.!

    1. Correction: Nobama is a Muslim — Bush at least LOVES America and believes in Capitalism, not Communism or Socialism, like your idiot, Nobama! Grow up and realize what kind of “man” you are looking up to!

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