Someone call a WAAAAmbulance for poor, victimized Feminists

Since I am posting about Feminuts, I call them Feminuts because, well, they are NUTS, you might assume I am going to reference the internet expert on Feminist, Robert Stacy McCain. And you would be right

So I was already familiar with Ms. Fischer’s name before I encounteredher column today at Everyday Feminism about ” the very real struggles that young feminists face,” e.g.:

A lot of it comes down to there not being a whole lot of opportunities for young people to get paid for their work. If more paid internships and fellowships, programming, and feminist-based work designed for young people existed . . . this could help bridge the age gap.

In other words, Feminism, Inc., doesn’t have enough job openings for all the Women’s Studies majors who would like to become full-time professional Marxist lesbian man-haters

You need to go read the rest folks, but I wanted to focus on this one small part. This girl, yes, I said girl, deal with it Feminists, is looking to cash in on the highly lucrative victim pimping industry. Now, you might be sitting there, staring at your lap top asking yourself what the heck the victim pimping industry is. Well, have you ever watched Al Bobble Head Sharpton? Or Je$$e Jack$on? Michael Eric Dyson? Cornel West? Or any number of other race pimps? These people all gain influence, money, TV appearances, money, book deals and oh yeah, money by playing the victim pimp game. They tell a certain group, in their case Blacks, that they are VICTIMS of RAAAAAACISM, and the only way they can stop being VICTIMS of RAAAAAACISM, is to buy their books, or donate to whatever advocacy group they run. Of course, anyone who actually follows the advice of these race pimps will end up feeling like a perpetual victim. They will end up bitter, angry, and, of course, rather than blaming themselves for listening to scumbags like Al Sharpton, they will just become more bitter, angry, and that cycle will repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat……

Well, Feminists have long sought to emulate the race pimps. But, gender pimping just does not create the flow of cash that race pimping does, thus, girls, like Erin McKelle Fischer get angry when they cannot make a living being bitter, and embittering women. It just is not fair, right? I mean why should a girl like Erin McKelle Fischer struggle when Al Sharpton is making it big on national TV five nights a week? Sadly for young Erin McKelle Fischer though, the opportunities in the victim pimping industry, are seemingly restricted to Black men with gigantic heads like Sharpton, or Black men like Michael Eric Dyson, or Cornel West, who use a lot of big words, but never actually express anything remotely resembling coherent thoughts. Even those women that DO make it on TV through the victim pimping industry whine mostly about RAAAAAACISM, not the patriarchy. Look at MSNBS for example, they employ several women who are prominent members of the victim pimping community. Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, and the most feminine of all Chris Hayes all come to mind. But, largely these folks bitch and whine about RAAAAACISM not sexism. Again, where does that leave young Erin McKelle Fischer?

I believe that would leave her S.O. L.. Sorry Erin, but sexism just does not bring in the bucks. Face it Erin, women just are not interested in being beaten with the You are a Victim Stick but, of course, women CAN make it without being a victim pimp. Heck, they can even make it as hosts, and anchors. Of course these women have a couple of things that Erin lacks. First, the women I am thinking of all have serious degrees in things like journalism. While Erin is a  Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major. REALLY Erin? REALLY?? Basically you are seeking a degree which will tell perspective employers that you are a pain in the ass, sorry but it is true.

Secondly Erin any woman seeking a gig on TV, has to have a certain quality of, shall we say physical attractiveness. Here Erin are some women, who are on TV, and you, see if you can spot the difference.

Note, some of these women are, I would imagine Liberal, some are likely Conservative, but they are all hot, again, it is a simple truth, any woman seeking to make a living on TV who is not going to be part of the victim pimping game will have to pleasing to the eye. That might not be fair, but is is the way it is. My best advice to you Erin, is to stop seeing yourself as a victim. Stop believing the poisonous message that Leftist Feminism preaches. Stop being envious of those who make a living pimping victim hood, and stop looking upon traditional gender roles, as  bad. A great way to start would be to never use stupid terms like Heteranormative again. 

4 thoughts on “Someone call a WAAAAmbulance for poor, victimized Feminists”

  1. Remember, feminism was created so that fat, ugly, self-hating, neurotic, ill-mannered women who could never attract a man, and who turned to one another for their sexual needs (see also, “jailhouse gay”) could get the male attention they hate themselves for craving.

    More to the point, the butterface in the picture is in quite a pickle. If only she had plenty of melanin. Then HR departments all over the corporate world would trip over their own thick ankles running to offer her a position on the Diversity Committee, or in the HR department. Likewise, there are lots and lots of very lucrative–we’re talking six figures–jobs for Affirmative Action twofers with room-temperature IQs. I guess she’s just too white to ride that particular gravy train.

    Since she’s not attractive enough to be a webcam model, I think I can recommend another career path, suitable for other “womyn” who majored in nothing useful. She doesn’t look or sound bright enough to bag groceries, but Burger King is always hiring.

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