I always knew Robert Jensen was a few sandwiches shy of a picnic

That would be University of Texas journalism professor Robert Jensen, who is about as wacky as a leftist can be. He is an anti-patriotism kinda guy. And a guy who likes to demonize anyone even remotely proud of their Confederate ancestors. He especially loathes Confederate memorials. In short, he is a Leftist. And, his story lends itself to the theory that all Leftists are nuttier than a bag of trail mix. Stacy McCain, writing about the pathology of the Male Feminist shares some of Jensen’s twisted thinking.

“[A] young professor of journalism, Robert Jensen . . . sent me several of his articles describing his transition from heterosexual, to homosexual, to celibate man now exploring impotence as the ultimate response to the apparent inescapability of ‘patriarchal sex,’ in whichever context sex is pursued. . . .
“Jensen gave up sex ‘with other people (including the people in pornography)’ after realizing that he could not have sex of any sort without recreating ‘patriarchal sex.’ He explains, ‘I was the man, and I was in control because men “naturally” take control of sex.’ Even converting to homosexuality did not save him from these dilemmas, for he found that gay sex, too, was contaminated by patriarchal values. . . .
“All men are raised with rapist ethics, he maintains, whether or not they are all rapists in legal terms.”
– Daphne Patai, Heterophobia (1998)

WTF??? I mean seriously who thinks like that? What kind of deranged person forces themselves into such morally retarded ideals? A person moronic enough to actually embrace any tenet of leftism Leftism, that is who.

Professor Jensen is absolutely correct that eschewing normal masculine sexuality — becoming an impotent gay celibate — is the only way short of castration or suicide that any man can become wholly acceptable within the context of feminist theory.

This is why most people reject feminism. Normal men refuse to accept the insulting anti-male rhetoric of feminism, and normal women — i.e., the kind of women who like normal men — have no enthusiasm for the pet theories of Marxist lesbians.

All feminists are insane, but “male feminists” are a special kind of crazy.

Or, as my Granddad would have said, that boy is touched in the head.

Of course, not all Leftists are crazy, some, like Dana Milbank, are just assholes

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