Your Weekend Link-A-Round

Let us lead off with The Other McCain, where we learn about White Liberal Male Prilege

Bearing Arms: Would the gun control zealots do THIS?

Donald Douglas: Climate Change Cultists 

William Teach: If all you see

Fire Andrea Mitchell: When Obama lost Bob Beckel

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe!

The  Feral Irishman: Who is stronger Obama, or Pee Wee Herman

Duane Lester: Can you say DESERTER?

Rio Norte: Yeah, about income inequality

Wire Cutter: Now that is funny

Angry Mike: 70 years ago.,…..

That Mr. G Guy: Journalists and “just bloggers”

Theo: Friday Totty

Lonely Conservative: Coming soon to America………..

1389 covers the sneakiness of Palestinians

90 Miles: First they came for gun owners………..

Fritz: Bird Brained Feds!

Aewls Abode diagnoses Hillary Clinton

Animal Magnetism: Rule 5 Friday

Blackmailers: Sandra Fluke is on the ballot in Marxifornia?

Blazing Cat Fur: They call THAT charity?

Bluebird of Bitterness: Obama’s enduring inconmpetence

Bring the Heat: Once a bad ass….

Bunkerville: Susan Rice, WTF??

CM Blake: Don’t be hatin’ on the .380 ACP

Bob Belvedere: Holder sucks

Captains Journal: Why do cops hate pet dogs?

Conservative Hideout: Yep! SEALs are bad asses

Daniel Greenfield: Friday Roundup

Doug Powers: Senator Moochelle?

Doug Ross: EGADS!

Earl of taint: Obama Workout Video

EBL: Well that did not take long

Free North Carolina: Jefferson Davis was no traitor

Gay Patriot: Yes the Left does want to dictate your sex life

Goodstuffs Blogging Magazine

Postal Dog REALLY gets into Hilary Duff

He’s Pretty Fly: Oh those Liberals and their compassion, it’ll kill ya!

Big Fur Hat: ObamaCare sucking more every day!

I’m 41: That flag is a rag

IMAO: Well that explains a lot

It Ain’t Holy Water exposes an inconvenient truth about crime and gun control

Laughing Conservative: Gwyneth Paltrow is a genuine idiot

Legal Insurrection: Stand Your Ground Laws matter!

Mad Jewess: A Bloggers Irony

Maggies Notebook. Man, Islam is confusing

Matt Walsh: Liberal tolerance is a KILLER!

Mike McDaniel: Straw Men of gun control

Moonbattery: A woman’s transformation

Motor City: WHOA!!

Political Clown Parade has your funny!

Randy: Maria, Maria

Reaganite Republican: Don’t Tread on Israel

Regular Right Guy: Progressivism at 1oo 

Last Tradition: You cannot make this stuff up

Zions Trumpet has some laughs at Liberalism




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