Liberals always see tragedies as an opportunity to exploit the victims for political gain

I guess I need to add another Liberalism is an Ideology for ______ this blank being filled with the word exploitation. No matter the tragedy some wing of the Left will exploit it. A tornado rips through a town, exploit it to further the climate change narrative. A  White man shoots a Black assailant in self-defense, lie about the circumstances and exploit it because RAAAAACISM! A college lacrosse team is accused of rape? Exploit it, lie about it, and even when the accuser is exposed as a liar, keep lying because exploiting to further your narrative is OK! Now we have the mass killing in by Eric Rodgers in California.

Note, it likely sounds a bit strange to hear the words mass killing and not the preferred term the Left loves, which is mass shooting. The fact is that Rodgers shot three innocent people in cold blood, and he stabbed three innocent people in cold blood, and he ran down innocent people with his car, trying to kill them.  But, Liberals prefer to use the term mass shooting, because let’s face it victims that are stabbed or run down with a vehicle matter less to Liberals. They are just not as useful because their deaths or injuries cannot be falsely blamed on the NRA or lawful gun owners. This is simply because Liberalism is an ideology for exploiters. And, of course, the Feminist wing of the Left will never let a tragedy go to waste will they? RS McCain explains

Lesbian feminist Lisa Needham believes all men are Elliot Rodger:

[T]his might be mental illness, but it is an illness that is not unfamiliar to women who routinely and disproportionately are the victims of harassment, neglect, violence, and death at the hands of men. Rodger’s actions were an extreme manifestation of a cultural view that is not actually uncommon: that women “owe” men attention, that women who don’t put out are bitches, that women who do put out — for other guys, of course — are sluts, and all these women get what they “deserve” — violence from men

Yet the hashtag #YesAllWomen is trending, one liberal describing it as “meant to open eyes to the real problems with the injustice in society . . . instigate change, and open up the eyes of both women and men; women in a show of solidarity . . . men to make a strong statement that these are not isolated incidents we see on the news, but rather, ongoing problems that, if left unchecked, will ultimately lead to a much bleaker future.” Not a word (and probably not a thought) from liberals that maybe how we got into this godawful bloody mess is because fools trying to “instigate change” didn’t bother to think through their radical syllogism to its deadly conclusion.

Los Angeles Times headline: #YesAllWomen: Isla Vista attack puts a spotlight on gender violence — and never mind the fact that four of the six people Elliot Rodger killed in his murder rampage were men: Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, 20, Cheng Yuan Hong, 20, George Chen, 19, and Weihan Wang, 20. If the facts don’t fit the liberal narrative, liberals will just ignore the facts, and will bristle with indignation if you dare to point out the cognitive dissonance.

You have to hand it to the liberals: they never miss an opportunity to convert tragedy into political gain,” and who can disagree?

The Left will lie, cheat, and steal for political gain, and exploiting tragedies is a strategy they have long used, and will continue to use with glee. The thing about the Left is that they do not have traditional morals. Traditional morals teach that lying is wrong. The Left believes lying is perfectly acceptable as long as it furthers the cause, whatever that is. It can be climate change, demonizing the NRA, or men, or the wealthy, or pushing for “social justice”. Every tactic is OK with the Left as long as it fits the narrative. 

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