Liberalism is an Ideology of Pessimism. Undeniable Truth #2 about Liberalism

Years ago, when I wrote weekly columns for various newspapers and websites I wrote a piece about how the Right was optimistic, and the Left pessimistic. That idea struck me over time. I watched, read and listened to Liberals and no matter what the topic was, they always seemed angry, embittered, and oddest of all they seemed strangely happy to be angry and bitter. It seemed that being a victim was the goal of every Liberal. And not just being a victim mind you, but being the biggest victim, or at least a member of a victim group. What a strange thing to aspire to, what a sad thing to aspire to. And the “victims” were not just poor people, no, actors, professors, politicians, very successful people who were Liberal seemed stuck on this victim mantra too. I began to visualize a line of Liberals singing new words to that old Dr. Pepper jingle. “I’m a victim she’s a victim, he’s a victim, wouldn’t you like to be a victim too”

Nothing today better illustrates the glorification of victimhood than the latest Leftist creation, White Privilege. Here is a video put together by Progressives Today that shows the White Privilege con game in action. Liberals trying to make more victims, and instill greater levels of pessimism in our youth

Lest you think that victim pimping is the only form of pessimism among Liberals consider this. It is almost exclusively Liberals that really believe in Climate Change, or Climate Disruption, as they are now styling it. They truly believe we are doomed unless we radically change, and by change I mean lower our standard of living. There is real panic among the  true believers. So, what if you had a fried like this, a friend who was just certain we must act now, or it would be too late? What if you found some research that painted a less drastic picture? What if you shared this with your stressed out friend? Likely that friend would attack you as a climate denier, or some flat earther. Rather than at least looking at your information, they would become angry that you dared challenge the teachings of what I call the Al Gore Cult of Climate Change. You would naturally be confused by this. Until you understood that Liberalism is an ideology for the pessimistic. Do not interrupt their bad attitude or their pity parties man. They do not want any good news, pessimism rules with them.

It is not just climate change either. Take issues of race for example. What is the constant mantra of Liberals? Racism is still rampant in America. We really have not come that far. Republicans want to take us back to Jim Crow. Racism is inherent to America, and so on. And again, you dare not try to paint a brighter picture to Liberals. If you do you will be called racist, or at the very least out of touch with the history. You will be told you just do not understand that slavery still haunts Black Americans. And do NOT, I repeat do not mention that slavery has been gone for 150 years either. If you do you will be accused of defending slavery. Again, do not interrupt the pity party!

Feminism, another wing of Leftism is likely the most bitter and pessimistic of all. Men are all pigs, all sex is rape, men are pigs, all sex dehumanizes women, men are still pigs, women are victims of the Patriarchy, and yes, PIGS! What a lousy attitude to carry around with you in life. Everything is negative with Liberals. As a test listen to Liberals, listen to their rhetoric, and see how much pessimism in contained in it. And we wonder why so many liberals are so angry? 

2 thoughts on “Liberalism is an Ideology of Pessimism. Undeniable Truth #2 about Liberalism”

  1. As far as death cults go climate “change” (now) has been very successful in signing up new members. And it is a Death Cult don’t kid yourself. I just wish they would stick with killing them selves off instead of everyone.

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