Your Weekend Rule 5 linkapalooza

Fritz: have you seen this woman’s breasts?

Soylent has some NSFW content

The Other McCain: Fat girls like oral sex too

Miss K has Redheads

Wyatt: Reese Witherspoon does it for me

Feral Irishman: Costume Play

1389: Ever wonder what Democrats think of their supporters?

90 Miles: Have you seen this woman’s tummy?

Good Morning from Wirecutter

Donald Douglas: Irina Shayk topless 

Among the Joshua Trees: BEER RUN!

Angry Mike: REDS!

Hookers and Booze: Carmen Electra anyone?

Animal Magnetism: Friday Rule 5

Bearing Arms: Curvy women with guns are HAWT!

Theo Spark: Totty!

Blackmailers: Why yes, I do have the hots for Jennifer Lawrence!


Wine Women and Politics: Dolls!

EBL: Paula Patton is smoking!

Postal Dog: Hilary Duff rocking tight jeans

Steve: What is it about a hot woman with brains and a gun?

Pirates Cove: If all you see….

Proof positive: Kelly Reilly!

Randy: All I want for my blogiversary is Genevieve Morton

Miss K has

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