Weekend link fest

Fritz starts us out with some advice about getting audited 

The Other McCain: Tammy Bruce Hatin on Hillary

Kurt: Molon Labe bitches!

90 Miles: Government as a square wheel

Rio Norte: Socialized medicines unequal care

Act Well Your part: That Alex De Tocqueville was wise

Saberpoint: Hating Whitey 101

Lonely Conservative: Obama LIES!!

Theo: Check that box

All-American Blogger: Retired general: We should have tried to save Americans in Beghazi

Last Tradition: Rep Louie Gohmert calls out Rainbow Shirts

Robert: Some thought on Boko Haram

Aleister: That Pelosi is really stretching now

Donald Douglas: Boko Haram is pure evil

Animal Magnetism: Harry Reid really is a dick

Bearing Arms: Go ahead make this grandmas day punks!

Blazing Cat Fur: YIKES!!

Bring the Heat: SPLODEY!

Bob Belvedere: Rally around Weasel Zippers

Doug Ross: Larwyns Lynx

Fuzzy Slippers: Let me tell you freaks something

Gateway Pundit: Exposing the Moonbats!

Guns Save Lives: Armed homeowner 1 home intruder 0

Chris Wysocki: Hillary the Statist

Big Fur Hat: Irony anyone?

I’m 41: Time to name the Coolest SOB on the net

Maggies Notebook: The real racism is from the Left

American Perspective: Look up!

Moonbattery: Gay video games?

Old Virginia: First they came for the Confederate flag

Pirates Cove: Obama’s Climate Bomb

PCP: Obama was soooo drunk

RRR: Toonz!

Regular Right Guy: Can Gowdy handle the heat?

Zions Trumpet: What is wrong with Islam?

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