Are Feminists crazy? Wait, what am I saying, of course they are crazy

RS McCain continues his National Offend a Feminist Week by laying bare the deep insanity that IS today’s Feminism

“It became obvious that men didn’t want to interact with me or with women in general on an equal level, and that what ‘attracted’ them in women was subordination to them — as soon as we wanted to be their ‘equals’ they were repelled by it, lost interest or tried to thwart the feminist drive in me some way or another.”

Radical Wind, April 28

I hate to break it to this demented woman, but men WANT, I mean REALLY want women that are their equals. The fact is women who always want to do whatever a guy wants to do is, well boring. So, I doubt this Feminist had man problems because she was too “equal”. A more likely version is that she was a gigantic pain in the ass with her fierce Feminist act.. I mean let’s be honest here, no guy, at least no sane guy, wants to date anyone that talks like this

Just a few days ago I read Skulldrix’s post on a separatist state of mind, which I have found very refreshing and enlightening, and which brought me back to many of my own first experiences of separatism. I remember some conversations going on at FCM’s on separatism, maybe a year and a half ago, where several of us bloggers and commenters discussed whether we should call ourselves separatists or pro-separatists. FCM at the time argued that separatism wasn’t a realistic or feasible goal for most women under patriarchy because the reality is that we can’t completely escape men, so it would be more realistic to envision ourselves as pro-separatist instead of separatists.

I can’t quite remember what I wrote at the time or whether I expressed myself clearly but I thought that the distinction between pro-sep and sep was unnecessary once we conceive of it as a way of being, an ongoing journey and struggle, according to the means we have and what is safe for our survival. Though I agree about the fact that most if not all of us can’t escape men on a daily basis. Most women will have to work alongside men to some degree because that’s the only or least worst job opportunity we can find. Very often we will have to depend on men to learn a skill, or to heal from severe illnesses, because men monopolise and control all disciplines and sectors of their society.

See what I mean? Who the fuck talks like that? A crazy person that’s who! The problem Feminists have with men is NOT men, it is the Feminists constant rage-a-thon, and constant quest to be a victim of the “Patriarchy”.  So maybe your man problems are not the “Patriarchy” at all. Maybe the whole “I am a victim” act is really not very fun. You want to know what your problem is? Find the nearest mirror!

Stacy has more on Radical Wind and her RAGE!

Radical feminists are both (a) insane and (b) basically correct in their understanding of the psychology of sex. Which is to say, a careful study of what is today called “gender theory” does show that inequality between men and women — collectively, under the systematic male dominance that feminists call patriarchy — is inextricably linked to heterosexuality. Even if every conceivable reform were enacted that could rid women of discrimination in education or employment, male dominance would continue to be expressed through sexual intercourse, through manipulation or abuse within relationships, through pregnancy and through women’s greater burden in parenthood. Women who desire long-term male romantic companionship of any kind must do what is necessary first to attract, and then to maintain, his sexual interest.

Radical Wind — the wacko feminist whose rant “PIV is always rape, OK?” inspired widespread mockery – is actually very close to an important truth when she describes how men were “repelled” by her “feminist drive.” We may suppose she was hanging out with a loutish crew of young left-wing idiots when she experienced this; therefore it must have been a shocking revelation when these allegedly egalitarian men expected her to enact the “subordination” of femininity.

News flash: Men are men.

Bingo! Men are men, and women are women, and Feminists are CRAZY! 

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