Whistleblower Exposes Shady Land Deals By Bureau Of Land Management (Video)

WhistleBlower Exposes Shady BLM Land Deals, Interchange To Nowhere In S Nevada – Universal Free Press

BLM has been up to some questionable land transactions and the familiar Reid family name is involved in some of them. Rusty Hill, a former BLM volunteer and Nevada land broker, is interviewed by Gary Franchi and exposes the curious connections.

Hill became involved with land development in Clark County, through the Summa Corporation of Howard Hughes.

When the first reports of trouble came out at the Bundy Ranch, Hill knew it was nothing to do with the desert tortoise.

He talks about a freeway-style interchange west of Bunkerville that has no apparent reason to be there. Hill believes there are other interests at work, both in the acquisition of property, which he details, as well as curious pricing and other factors.

He offers his thoughts as one who is intimately familiar with the entire area as to what might be the impetus behind the determination of the BLM to clear this land of all human activity.

It’s a little long, but intriguing and it provides an interesting perspective that supports the premise that there are some big money, powerful interests at work behind the scenes. Now, they may be forced out into the open.


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