Im a racist, shes a racist, hes a racist, wouldn’t you like to be a racist too!

Apparently 2014 is the Year of RAAAAACISM, or maybe there is just something in the water

So, apparently, this was The Week When Everybody Became Officially Racist. First it was Cliven Bundy, and now L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been caught on audio saying racist — RAAAAACIST! — stuff to his hot young girlfriend, who just happens to be half-black and half-Mexican. Rich elderly white guy is OK with dating this exotic young hybrid, but he seems to perceive some kind of image issue with his girlfriend hanging out with black people.

Can this be explained? Maybe. But if you find yourself forced to explain a remark about race, face it — you’re Officially Racist.

Ditto Avril Lavigne. She made a weird music video about Hello Kitty and was denounced by Zack Beauchamp of as having “hit some kind of Orientalist Japanese Stereotype trifecta.” Ann Althouse looked closelyand saw nothing racist. Moe Lane looked closely and saw nothing racist.Ann Althouse looked again and still saw nothing racist.

Go read the rest at The Other McCain, but really, this is where Liberals and our media have brought us. The Left plays the Race Card at the drop of a hat, and usually they are the dropping the hat themselves. So many people are victims now, or desire to be victims of some type of “ism” or hate crime, even if they have to fake said hate crime. The important thing is being a victim, being oppressed and most of all being offended! God help us if this trend continues

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