The 25 best blogs right now?

Here they are, according to a panel of blogging experts. Well, actually, the expert panel consists of me, myself, and I, but that does not change the fact that I consider THESE blogs the best going right now. So, in no certain order, here they are

The Other McCain 

American Power 

Theo Spark 

Bearing Arms 

Proof Positive 

Matt Walsh  

Maggies Notebook

The Lonely Conservative 


Pirates Cove 


I Own the World 

Doug Ross 

90 Miles From Tyranny 

Blazing Cat Fur 

Camp of the Saints 

Conservative Hideout 

Daniel Greenfield 

I’m 41 

Intellectual Froglegs 

Political Clown Parade 

Reaganite Republican Resistance 

The Right Scoop 

Weasel Zippers 

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot



23 thoughts on “The 25 best blogs right now?”

  1. Doug,

    I cannot adequately express my thanks to you for naming Political Clown Parade one of the 25 best blogs. I will continue to work hard to be deserving of your recognition.

    Meanwhile, I wish all the best to you and yours as well as your readers this Easter. May you be blessed today and always.

  2. Thank you Doug. I am honored as well as awed by your courage to step out and do this, and proud to be on this list on this excellent site. Wishing everyone here a blessed Easter and Passover.

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