ObamaCare: It just keeps getting worse

There are many ironies in ObamaCare . There is the fact that a bill that supposedly was passed to help every American get coverage only allows you to buy it part of the year. Then there is the fact that ObamaCare took millions of policies, policies that people liked away. Then there was that website disaster, and the numerous delays, and waivers.  The most ironic thing about the president’s “signature” legislation, however, might be the first word in the actual title, Affordable

On top of rising premiums, Obamacare taxes are adding hundreds of dollars per year onto customers’ costs, according to new study from the American Action Forum.

Those who braved the health-care law’s exchanges will have to pay an extra $354 on average in 2014, reportsthe free-market D.C.-based think tank, just due to seven taxes included in Obamacare.

The vast majority of the country covered by employer-sponsored health insurance will be forced to pay a somewhat lower tab of $196 to cover the taxes. Those with self-funded employer-sponsored insurance are exempt from several of the largest culprits and will have the lowest added cost at $94 in 2014, which will drop to $59 by 2016.

One is aimed at the insurance companies, forcing them to pay the federal government for the privilege of selling health insurance — an ironic touch for a law meant to make health coverage cheaper. AAF estimates that this tax alone, which will be passed onto consumers, will cost an extra $101 in 2014; in 2015 and 2016, it’ll be increased to $143 on average as the federal government ups their funding requests every year.

In 2014, the total tax will amount to $8 billion; in 2015 and 2016, it’ll be $11.3 billion, and the current plan comes it at $14.3 billion in 2018.

A similar tax targets pharmaceutical companies, upping the cost of paying for medicine. That one piles on just $16 to existing premiums per year. This one will account for $3 billion for each of the next three years, also divided amongst pharmaceutical companies by their market share. The controversial medical device tax add $13 in 2014, $14 in 2015, and $15 in 2016.

The reinsurance fee — commonly known as bailout funding, a pool of money for insurance companies to draw from if their pool of customers on the exchanges cost more than expected to insure –  raising premium prices as well. The fee gradually decreases over the next three years as the reinsurance program is scheduled to end in 2016. This year, it will cost customers an extra $63 to raise $12 billion total; in 2016 it’ll add another $26 during the tax’s final year to collect $5 billion.

There are several other costs as well. The risk adjustment fee, which will transfer funding from places with healthier customers to those paying for sicker individuals, will add $1 a year to premiums. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute fee, a tax collected per insured person, per month meant to fund medical research,  will cost just $2 annually.

So, basically, ObamaCare, a bill the American people have NEVER supported, a bill we had to pass first THEN see what was in it does several things. It takes away millions of people’s health care, and that number will likely grow next year. It increases costs, it takes away doctors, it forces you to buy coverage for things you might not even need, it eliminates catastrophic coverage, and, it tells you when you CANNOT buy coverage! And, in the end, we are likely to see as many uninsured as we saw before, with reduced quality of care, and the elimination of personal choice in coverage, doctors, and hospitals. Ain’t Marxism great!

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