Defining stupidity, people who think with their emotions

Churches in Illinois are debating a new law that allows people to exercise their God-given right of self-defense in churches.In the article, I was stunned at the sheer stupidity of this statement

For Pastor Betty Delgado of Trinity United Church of Christ in La Salle, however, there should be no question. 

“This is God’s property,” she said. “We’re here to love people, not think about how we have to defend ourselves.”

Delgado has no plans to post the “no firearms” sign at Trinity, and feels that it should be a non-issue.

“Nobody better have a gun there,” she said.

I wonder if people like Delgado ever think about what loving people means? If someone were to come into her church intent on committing  amass shooting, a sign would not deter them. Her feelings would not deter them either. But let us assume one of her parishioners were legally armed and used that weapon to stop the shooter, saving lives in the process. I would think saving someone’s life is an act of love. Or maybe Delgado thinks it better NOT to defend ourselves and others? I wonder if she has ever thought about that?

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