Feminuts digging deeper into Pit of CRAZY

The Other McCain has the latest on Feminuts driving their Krazy Train right off the rails

When last we took notice of feminist blogger Radical Wind (“PIV is always rape, OK?“) it was in context of her praise for Mary Daly, but she has not been idle. On Sunday she published these insightful paragraphs in a message to the sisterhood:

Our task as radical feminists is to undo, unlearn and un-peel the workings of men’s violence — including how men’s patterns are embedded in our psyche — and to reveal them to other women, so to spark our movement towards liberation. . . .
Since all forms of domination such as racism, classism, urban vs. rural domination, adult vs. child, human vs. animal, etc. stem from the same male-rapist root, our attitude to all of them should be the same — in short, only a radical feminist attitude towards male domination can be liberating. It is what we already do: raise awareness, name the workings, lies and reversals of patriarchy and reveal our reality as women in this or that form of patriarchal oppression. Explain how men benefit from this practice and how it’s at the expense of all women. How it deceives and traps women in its net. How it reinforces and is linked to male rapism. Seek to meet, make friends with and listen to as many women across male classes, borders and race, and talk about our respective experiences and lives.
Women will relate to that, it will expand our consciousness, deepen our understanding of how men oppress us. It will give each other the power to see which will spark our ethical rage and rage to be free

What can you say about womyn like this? Oh, I know

4 thoughts on “Feminuts digging deeper into Pit of CRAZY”

  1. [big eyes and shaking of head with disbelief] Well that was a speech designed to alienate the majority of the worlds population – women included. I consider myself a feminist in that I believe we should have the same right to choose our lives as men have in the past.

    I do not believe that we now have to fit some predetermined feminist mould decided for us by a group of the most militant. Men are not the enemy, societal convention and outmoded practice is and that is changing.

    Respect earned and given are the bedrock of any relationship be it sexual, friendship, family or the other myriad of connections we make in this world. That little diatribe lacks all respect (and is certainly lacking a great deal of sense also) and all it will do is foster anger and contempt.

    Choice – true choice comes without strings or expectations which is something I think these women have forgotten. I do not want some sort of servile male who resembles nothing more than a modern day Dickensian Uriah Heep but I’m pretty sure if what they speak of were to be enforced that is what you would get.

    I want a partner and that is what I have with my husband – we support and care for each other without trying to force one or the other to fit some stereotype. I’ve worked, been a mother and a wife by choice and need – finances after all don’t magically appear – and I dislike being made to feel that because I have the audacity to love and respect my husband I am somehow a disgrace to my gender.

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