Why the ATF’s raid on Ares Armor matters

Via Bearing Arms

Last week, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided Ares Armor to confiscate 80 percent polymer receivers for AR-15s. These receivers are the lower part of the gun that contain the trigger operations when fully completed. The polymer version that the ATF is contesting is not completed and requires the purchasers to finish machining it. The ATF claimed that these are unlicensed firearms, but Karras says otherwise.

This should scare every American. Government over reach and thuggery. It was all about getting the names of the gun shops costumers

One thought on “Why the ATF’s raid on Ares Armor matters”

  1. Actually it was also more of the ‘we’re the government’ and you WILL cave in to our ‘requests’ – or else. IOW – we have the power and there ain’t nothing you peons, er um serfs, um unwashed masses can do about it. Period.

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