Tough words, but they need to be said

Hats off to one Bob Belvedere for telling the truth

White Supremacy is a thing of the past for the most part, with the only ones ironically in possession of the attitude being certain segments of the Left [the miniscule membership of the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups included].

What is ‘holding down The Black Man™’ is himself.

If Black people cannot advance in any area of Society, it is because the majority of them refuse to reject the Victim Mentality and of their continued advocacy for things like Affirmative Action, seeing Racism in every non-Black’s actions, and calling for Reparations.  Such actions breed resentment in non-Blacks, which is a natural Human response to the idiocy of fools possessed of the power to destroy reputations and lives.

Further, the majority of Black Americans allow themselves to be led around by the nose by scheming Leftists, who see their anger as means to their end — the Immanentizing Of The Eschaton.

AS I have said many times, Blacks need to reject the NAACP, Je$$e Jackson, Sharpton, and any other race pimp. They also need to see that the Democrats ONLY care about Blacks for their vote. There is an ideology Blacks should adopt, it is called Conservatism. It is a color-blind ideology that sees individuals, not skin color, or gender, or sexual orientation. It is an ideology that gets the government out-of-the-way, honors life, supports the right to self-defense, and the right to keep more of the money you earn.

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