Links you should be reading…………

AFTER you read this blog of course!

Fritz has news of Stacy Keibler’s impending wedding

Reaganite Republican has good, bad, and FUGLY! 

Bearing Arms has the story of an attempted kidnapping that ended with the bad guys shot 

1389 has the latest from Pat Condell

90 Miles: Don’t be fooled

Donald Douglas: America will soon be a SEXXXXXIST nation!

The Other McCain: Feminists are 31 flavors of crazy They are even crazier than Harry Reid

Lonely Conservative: Did you ever notice how thuggish the Democrats are these days?

Bob Belvedere: Hey ladies, want to be sexually empowered?

Conservative Hideout: Porn Professors be Cray-Cray!

Randy’s Roundtable: How come there are moree uninsured now than there were before ObamaCare?

Proof Positive: Did you ever notice how hot this woman is?

William Teach has an “if all you see” post up and notes that from the mouths of babes.,….

Nice Deb has her Saturday Matineee

Motor City Times wonders how dedicated the establishment really is

Moonbattery: REALLY?

Regular Right Guy: Lena Dunham, PLEASE keep your clothes on!

Rio Norte: Two words Milton Friedman

Becca Lower: How about some art for you heathens!

Maggies Notebook: Education screw ups continue

American Perspective: Obama and Idiocy

Mad Jewess: An Icon passes

Soylent has some wisdom

Knuckledraggin: Shit just got real!

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

Feral Irishman: One tough pug!

A Nod to the Gods: Rule 5! NSFW

Zions Trumpet: Who knew a finger was so dnagerous

Wyblog: ObamaCare still sucks!

Wine, Women, and Politics: Bossy is good!

Theo: Racist hatred from the Left

Blackmailers has some nice Rule 5

Bluebird of Bitterness has some fun with Obama

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