John Hudak you lying sack of camel dung

With apologies to camel dung, which, unlike Hudak actually serves some purpose, and never posts images that tell a false narrative smearing Conservatives

Brookings Institute fellow John Hudak, a committed leftist, posted this tweet Saturday at CPAC 2014



Hudak claimed no one showed up for the Minority outreach panel at CPAC 2014.

Of course, the tweet spread like wildfire and CNN reportedly ran a story about Hudak’s tweet. Hudak also posted his own report on the panel.

@CNN I heard you ran a story about my tweet of the diversity panel pic. I’m still here at CPAC & would be happy to discuss

— John Hudak (@JohnJHudak) March 8, 2014

But, then the truth leaked out.
Via Dana Loesch
Conservative John Hawkins was at the minority outreach panel and posted this photo.



Hudak took a picture of the empty room before the panel started.

Again I pose the question. How does it feel to know that you must LIE to further your ideology? How can anyone who pulls such low-class stunts look at themselves in the mirror? And oh yeah, Hudak, how does it feel to be exposed as nothing but a bottom-feeding smear merchant?

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