Racist thug insults next Texas governor, Greg Abbott

By racist thug, I mean Lubbock, Texas City Councilman Victor Hernandez, who apparently is quite the ass hat

Texas politicians are recoiling after a prominent Lubbock Democrat accused Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott of “piñata politics” in a bigoted tirade and allegedly disparaged Abbott’s Latina wife.

“Greg Abbott came into our house uninvited, wanting to somehow give the illusion that the Lubbock County Hispanic community is supportive,” Lubbock city councilman Victor Hernandez said after Abbott visited the West Texas town and held a campaign rally at a Mexican restaurant. “If you want to come into my house, the first thing you have to do is to see me — see me as a person, see me as a human being, see me as a fellow Texan.”

So people have to wait for Hernandez to invite them in order to visit Lubbock? Or does that only apply to Republicans? And please Mr. Hernandez should spare us all the “see me as a person” noise. Seriously, how pathetic!

Hernandez, who chairs the local chapter Tejano Democrats, is furious about Abbott’s appeal to Hispanic voters in his city. Even though Abbott was met by a crowd of supporters at Jimenez Bakery and Restaurant last week, Hernandez branded the stop as “offensive” to Hispanics and “beyond any sense of decency.”

So, it sounds like Hernandez is really put out that Abbott was well received. Is someone a wee bit jealous? Insecure? Looking for attention?

He criticized Abbott and Republican candidates for not clearing their visit with local Hispanic groups.

In other words he did not “clear” it with the thugocracy that demands that all Hispanics do as they say! Abbott bypassed the thugs and went to the people! Democrats HATE that!

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