Face it kids, individual liberty and personal sovereignty are ideals that the Left cannot grasp

Bluebird of Bitterness links an op-ed in the New York Times by a Leftist named Mark Bittman who argues that we Americans ought to “rethink” our rights

Our old friend, New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, has identified what is possibly the single biggest peril facing America, one that, according to Mr. BittmanPoses greater threats to our existence than any communicable disease you can name.”

What is this hazard that stalks us?

Individual rights.

Or, as he prefers, “rights,” because the only rights that are truly legitimate are those rights that are exercised in a fashion that would be agreeable to Mark Bittman.

And therein lies the problem. As it turns out, you’re simply a victim of the “the corporate consumption complex,” in which “companies engineer hyperprocessed foods in ways precisely geared to most appeal to our tastes.”

Yes, that’s right, companies continue to insist on producing products that will appeal to you.

How. Dare. They.

But the products they sell don’t appeal to Mark Bittman, of course. Unlike you, he’s not a complete imbecile who cannot possibly be trusted with the “right” to choose what is best for him. That imbecile would be you, what with your tiny mind, poor education, and non-New-York-Times editorial job.

Why, you might even work with your hands.  <shudder>

And, according to Mr. Bittman, it’s not just food, it’s all manner of industries selling things “in ways that will cause premature mortality.”

Again, the Left has no ability to fathom Individualism. To them individual rights are not inherent to people. Our rights to them, come from government and are conditional. Conditional as in individual rights are secondary to the “common good”. Conditional as in the government can restrict or deny rights as it sees fit. Conditional as in “it is for our own good”.

There is one more line from Mr. Bittman I must address

The question is not only, “Do we have a right to bear arms?” but also “Do we have the right to be safe in our streets and schools?”

Oh brother here goes another Leftist imagining idealistic rights that have never existed, and that will never exist. A “right to be safe”? Really? Where does this buffoon find such a right? As I write this, I am sitting at my computer, listening to some music. Planes fly over my home all the time. Planes heading to and from two major airports. What if a plane were to crash into my home? What of my “right” to be safe? What if a driver loses control and slams in a pedestrian? What of their “right” to safety? But let me narrow this argument to gun ownership and self-defense, which are actual rights, unlike Mr. Bittman’s Utopian rights.

I own two big dogs, I lock my doors, I own firearms, and I spend considerable time training with those firearms, I also have some martial arts training, but am I “safe”? Do I have a right that will stop a crazed person or persons from trying to enter my home? Do I have any right that will stop a mad man from breaking into my house? No, a right, again, an actual right, can be exercised. Right now, I am exercising my right to freedom speech. But I cannot exercise a right to be safe. I mean seriously, I cannot create an all-protective force field around my home can I? What kind of fool would fantasize about a right to safety as if it might actually be realistic?

Of course, Mr. Bittman would say that my right to keep and bear arms should be curbed, by government of course to make me and all my neighbors safer. But again, this is a pipe dream that Statists like Bittman have held onto for many decades. Not only would me surrendering my weapons not make me, or my neighborhood safer, it would make me less safe. Again, let me set the question up. I am sitting here, let us pretend that my dogs start going nuts. As I rise from my chair to see what is the matter, I hear someone pounding violently on my back door. I hear the glass breaking, I know that some person, or persons are trying to get into my home. I know that 911 will not bring help quickly enough. I know, in short someone has come to harm me or my family. This person has obviously not read the New York Times op-ed page and thus was not stopped by Mr. Bittman’s “right” to safety. As I head downstairs  listening as my dogs are shot through the door, the door that is now close to being kicked in, I have in my right hand one of my guns, an extra magazine in my back pocket. At this moment, am I “safe”? No, but I am able to defend my life, and those of my family. And, as I crouch behind the kitchen desk, out of sight, and take aim at that figure that is seconds from coming through my back door I will exercise the most fundamental human right, that of self-defense.

Mark Bittman can dream of a right to be safe, but it will never exist. I can pray that I am never in a scenario like I laid out, but, there is no promise that I never will be forced to use lethal force against a home invader. But, if such a scenario does develop, I thank God for my right to do so, and I will thank God that fools like Mark Bittman and their Utopian ideas have never come to fruition.

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