What happens when nations disarm their citizens?

Many things, none of them good, take what just went down in China

In a nation that long ago outlawed the right to bear arms, a terrorist attack with knives left a train station flowing with blood:

At least 28 people have been killed and 113 injured after a group of knife-wielding men hacked their way through innocent people at one of China’s busiest railway stations.

Distressing photos circulating online showed bodies, pools of blood and abandoned luggage scattered across the terminal floor at Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province.

Authorities described the incident at about 9.20pm local time (1.20pm GMT) as an ‘organised, premeditated, violent terrorist attack’ in which at least 10 people stabbed commuters outside the station terminal before moving inside.

The attack only ended as police—armed with the guns that China denies its citizens—shot dead five of the attackers including the man in the photo above. Five more attackers fled the scene, and are the subject of a manhunt.

China and Japan have both seen mass stabbing attacks. Both nations have strict gun control, yet violent maniacs still find ways to bring mayhem upon innocents. And, they know full well no one will stop them until police arrive with guns

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