RS McCain: You don’t have to be crazy to be a Leftist Feminist, but it helps

Feminist Dogma you say?

The claim by radical feminists that heterosexuality is a form of oppression imposed on women by male violence — “PIV is always rape, OK?” — has shocked many people who don’t pay attention to trends among intellectuals in academia. Yet this extreme anti-male view has been “mainstream” among feminists for many years:

The [1998] Houghton Mifflin Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History contains an entry by E. Kay Trimberger on “Heterosexuality,” which . . . summarizes feminist dogma unproblematically:

Sexuality is not private, but is political and related to power. “Compulsive heterosexuality” is part of a power structure benefiting heterosexual males at the expense of women and homosexuals. This inequity is justified by an ideology that sees heterosexuality as natural, universal, and biologically necessary, and homosexuality as the opposite. The system also is reinforced by legal sanctions and violence against women (rape, battering, incest, and murder) and against lesbians, gays and transgendered persons (verbal harassment, physical assault, and murder).

So, “heteronormativity” is imposed by “a power structure” and a “system” whose means of enforcement are rape, assault and murder. Feminism teaches women that the only way they can escape the patriarchy’s violent oppression is to become lesbians.

If you get into reading the screed spewed by radical Feminists, you quickly grasp how perverse and twisted they are. They are bitter, angry, and helpful, and that is their sunny side. More on the sickness that is radical Feminism and Marxism at The Other McCain

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