Meet Pickles, The Three-Foot Long, 21-Pound House Cat (Pictures / Video)

Catasaurus Rex: Meet Pickles, The Three-Foot Rescue Cat Weighing 21 Pounds Who Doesn’t Realise His Own Size – Daily Mail


When Pickles the puss grew to the size of a dog, he found himself in a bit of a pickle.

At 21 pounds and more than three-feet long, he couldn’t find an owner with a heart – or home – big enough to take him in – so he was forced to roam the streets in search of scraps to suppress his almighty appetite.

But the monster moggy – nicknamed Catasaurus Rex – has finally found a place to live after a young Boston couple saw an advert online and took pity on him.

Andrew Milicia and girlfriend Emily Zarvos say it was love at first sight when they met Pickles at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals last month.


And now he couldn’t be happier as he spends most of his days squeezing sleepily onto their three-man sofa or guzzling platefulls of cat food to his heart’s content.

Andrew, a graphic designer, said: ‘When we first saw Pickles he looked like such a beast – but he looked really cool. He’s actually bigger than some dogs.

‘It didn’t take him long to make himself at home and now he takes up most of the couch when he’s laid out.’

The couple was picked from around 50 people who had applied to adopt Pickles after pictures were posted of him online.

The giant feline became an internet hit dubbed ‘Catasaurus Rex’ when he was advertised on the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website.


Andrew said: ‘We had no intension of adopting him when we went to see him but we just fell in love.

‘They said he had been adopted and taken to Canada but brought back because he really doesn’t get along with other cats.

‘He doesn’t realise his size so he’ll knock things over all the time – he’s so clumsy.

‘But it’s like so hard to be mad at him – he think he’s just like a little kitten still.’

It is thought Pickles might be part Maine Coon – one of the largest breeds of domestic cats.

And he is already proving to be a handful.


Emily said: ‘I struggle to pick him up sometimes cause he weighs so much.

‘He loves hiding in the closet so when we go to work we put a stone statue in front of it to keep him out.

‘But when we come back the statue has been moved and he’s in the closet.

‘He’s like kind of like a dog when it comes to food – he’ll come in and sit right in front of you and just stare at you until the plates gone.

‘Everyone’s obviously first reaction is like wow that cat is huge.’

But despite the challenges of living with a monster moggy, the couple have no plans to take him back.

Emily said: ‘I’m so happy we have him, he’s the best pet you could hope for.’


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