Let me set the record straight on “racist food”

Sorry, but non-stories, which is really what this is, infuriate me

A racist school lunch in California was part of an inappropriate reenactment for Black History Month. NewsMax reports Feb. 7 that Carondelet High School for Girls in Concord served fried chicken, collared greens, watermelon, and corn bread in recognition of the awareness month. The school apologized for “perpetuating racial stereotypes.”

Excuse me for asking the dimwit, and by dimwit I mean someone dumber than a box of rocks, who wrote that first paragraph  a couple of questions.

First how can food be racist? Seriously how? Second, what, exactly was being “reenacted” at the lunch? Do you even have a clue what reenactment means?

According to the report, the racist school lunch upset several parents..as well as other educational instructors throughout the community.

AGAIN with the RAAAAACIST school lunch line.

“Chicken, watermelon, collard greens — these stereotypes of black Southern culture that come from the same place where the N-word comes from,” Professor James Taylor from the University of San Francisco said.

Actually professor those foods are not stereotypes. They ARE staples of Southern food. Yes, Professor many Southerners, most of them White eat those foods, and other Southern staples. There is nothing “racial” about those foods, collard greens are delicious, when prepared correctly, and I should add that my grandfathers greens were the best! So was his cornbread, only surpassed by my grandmothers. And fried chicken? You are talking about THE Southern food, for Southerners of any color! So, I must ask why anyone would be outraged, unless of course the food was cooked by a Yankee, in which case it was likely not worth eating.

And, one final question. How is changing a school menu going to address the REAL problems among too many blacks in America? Unwed mothers? The high crime and incarceration rate, gangs, Black on Black violence, the high unemployment. Is getting your panties in a bunch over fried chicken and cornbread going to help solve those problems? What is that? They aren’t? Then why in the Blue Hell are you going on about a school lunch?

10 thoughts on “Let me set the record straight on “racist food””

  1. Next thing you know, barbecue joints here in the South will be asked not to serve collard greens and cornbread; my neighborhood Publix won’t be allowed to offer the fried chicken I like, and watermelons will disappear from both fruit stands and supermarkets just because pansy politically-correct liberals think they’re “waaaaaycist” foods. When will this insanity ever stop?

    1. Tell me about it! Plus it is Black people, often times, that claim those foods as Soul Food, yet it offends them when someone else does?

  2. OMGosh! Is there anything better than a huge pot of greens? I lived in the south for 17 years and I would not call these foods the sole province of black people. I crave boudin!!!

  3. upper Midwesterner of mostly irish/little Scottish extraction here & I LOVE all those things,have since I was a child.Dont eat watermelon very often but collard/turnip/mustard greens w/ a little red onion,bacon,ham or pork shank,fresh ground black pepper & a splash of apple cider vinegar w/crunchy cornbread is a supreme meal!

    And don’t get me started on the fried chicken that both Grandma’s,Mom & several Aunts on both sides used to fix….

  4. How can it be racist if they’re celebrating Black History Month? Maybe they should have served chitterlings? oh, gross!

  5. Let’s see, Radiation keeps leaking from Fukishima and is now reaching
    the American west coast. Our economy is in the process of melting down.
    America has been sold out again as the TPP treaty will send more
    American jobs to Asia. The middle class continues it’s struggle to
    stay afloat. We have political leaders that act like loose women who
    exchange favors for money. But none of that must be addressed ! We
    have a situation with a “racist lunch” that must be taken care of with the
    utmost of importance ! What has happened to America ? The loons are
    now running the asylum. I wonder, will this lunch have to attend racial
    sensitivity training classes now ? Seriously, nothings too bizarre in
    America anymore. When everything is racist (especially any little thing
    that White people do), what isn’t racist anymore. Does anyone who’s
    sane really care anymore ?

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