Rule 2 and Rule 5 Roundup!

Bob Belevedere lead off with some Rule 5 gold!

Soylent has Corsets NSFW

Miss K has innuendo 

Knuckle Draggin misses Bieber already

I Love Bacon- What could go wrong? 

Hookers and Booze- Olympians are wearing THAT?

Feral Irishman: Ladies drink PBR! 

Double Trouble- Random hotties 

The Chive has Cute Girls

Bro My God- GIRLS! 

Barn O Rama- Pictures taken at the right moment 

Nod to the Gods- Randomness

Zions Trumpet- Obama’s Communist Mentor

Wyblog-The Super Bowl and TSA? 

Wine, Women and Politics likes the Reds! 

Theo Spark has a Kelly Brook video you must see 

Right Way has Friday Babe! 

Right Scoop: Good Dog!

The Other McCain: That Kimberlin guy really is a drama queen isn’t he?

Lonely Conservative- A question for the anti fracking folks

Last Tradition S.E Cupp, who is really hot, scolds MSNBC 

Classic Liberal has an incredible amount of Rule 5 links!

That Mr. G Guy- But that is a good thing

Subject to Change- Your DUH story of the day

Saberpoint- Are you freaking nuts?

Rio Norte-Turning the Tables on the Propaganda Mill

Regular Right Guy: Are those sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their frickin’ heads?

Reaganite Republican has a good joke

Randy chimes in with his own joke 

PCP has Broncomania!

Pitsnipes: IDIOT!

William Teach- Politicizing Science

Old Virginia: It was the War for Southern Independence

Nice Deb- Saturday Matinee time kids

Motor City Times: How about those low information reporters?

Moonbattery- OMG can we like raise the minimum wage already?

American Perspective: Can you find the car in this picture?

Maggie’s Notebook; Did you ever notice that Pelosi is a liar?

The Mad Jewess was not impressed by the SOTU speech

Becca Lower: Did you ever notice how intolerant the anti-Semitic left is?

I’m 41 has Larry Elder letting loose on MSNBS

Big Fur Hat- Have you seen this freaking video?

Postal Dog: Abortion Barbie is a phony as they come

Free North Carolina-That is one big freaking airplane!

EBL honors Peyton Manning

Bill Quick: Nuts to the Left of me………

Conservative Hideout- Adam Lanza was also a Pedophile?

Brenner Brief-Second Amendment does extend outside the home

Blazing Cat Fur- Now THAT is how you park!

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot-Rule 5 Friday with Anastasia Ashley

Bearing Arms-Gun control = bull shit

AStute Bloggers- Whose cheerleaders ya got? Broncos or Seahawks

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Rule 5

Donald Douglas has some Rule 5 with Maya Helena Codina

Fritz has some awesome Rule 5 as well

90 Miles From Tyranny: First they came for Dinesh D’Souza…...



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