Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Ticketed For Jaywalking And Public Drunkenness

He’s At It Again! Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is Ticketed For Jaywalking And Public Drunkenness In Vancouver, Telling Police Officers He’d Thought They Were ‘Cooler’ On The West Coast – Daily Mail

Just as you thought things could not get any worse for Rob Ford, Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor was ticketed Friday night for jaywalking and public intoxication in Vancouver.

Canada’s most notorious public official was in town for the funeral of a family friend when he was stopped by police for crossing the street on a red light.

Eyewitness Ian Currie told Global News that he overheard the mayor tell police officers: ‘I f-ed up, boys… I thought it was looser on the West Coast, I thoughts you were cooler over here.’


The News reported that the mayor was walking on North Road when he was flagged by an officer outside a Shell gas station.

According to the news site, Ford, who has been battling drug and alcohol addiction, may have ducked into a nearby pub called Foggy Dew earlier in the evening.

Ford’s latest run-in with police drew a sizable crowd in Vancouver, with the hapless public servant pleading with onlookers not to take pictures of him because he is ‘going to get in a lot of trouble.’

The incident comes just days after the embattled mayor was named in a lawsuit filed by his sister’s ex-boyfriend for allegedly conspiring to have the man beaten in jail to prevent Ford’s illicit behaviors from becoming known.

A lawsuit submitted Wednesday by Scott MacIntyre alleges the mayor was behind an assault at a Toronto jail in March 2012 that was intended to keep MacIntrye quiet about Ford’s abuse of alcohol and drugs.

The lawsuit alleges MacIntrye was threatened with ‘dire consequences’ if he did not remain quiet. He was in jail after being charged with threatening the mayor, for saying he would expose his ‘unsavory activities,’ the lawsuit says.



MacIntrye alleges Ford conspired with Payman Aboodowleh, who coached football with Ford, to have one of their former players, who was also in jail at the time, to beat MacIntyre up.

Ford and Aboodowleh arranged for staff members at the Metro West Detention Centre to ‘ensure there was no supervision or surveillance of the area’ where the alleged assault occurred, the lawsuit says.

Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, said the allegations are ‘without fact or foundation.’

When questioned further if the mayor had conspired in any way to harm MacIntyre, Morris said, ‘The answer is no.’

Ford offered no comment when reporters asked him about the lawsuit.

The mayor acknowledged last year that he had smoked crack, but he has rebuffed pressure to resign.

The lawsuit also names Ontario’s Ministry of Correctional Services, which is responsible for the province’s jails, Aboodowleh and Aedan Petros, the former football player who MacIntyre alleges attacked him.


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