Famous Last Words- It Cant Happen Here

Chris warns us all of what might be looming for Catholics, and the Catholic Church

And so, thinking about Msgr. Desmond’s homily, this description of the French Revolution sounds like it could have come right out of a DNC press release:

The new rational state, whose primary ideological plank was that the sovereignty of “the people” is unlimited, attempted to eliminate French traditions, norms, and religious beliefs.

The revolutionary governing bodies were particularly determined to destroy every vestige of the Roman Catholic Church because France was hailed by Rome as the Church’s “eldest daughter” and the monarch had dedicated “our person, our state, our crown and our subjects” to the Blessed Virgin.

The Constituent Assembly began the campaign against the Church by stating in the Declaration of the Rights of Man, “no body or individual may exercise any authority which does not proceed directly from the nation.” In other words the Church could no longer have any say in public matters. The secular state would now have the final word over every aspect of human and social life.

Cradle to grave statism, Obama-style!

The government will redefine marriage, and ominously demand that you abstain from objecting to their“evolving awareness.”

The government will redefine family, and malevolently put the Catholic Church out of the adoption business because it won’t go along.

The government will demand to monopolize education, while Obama atrociously calls Catholic schools “divisive.”

The government will encourage you to murder your unborn child. And coldly prevent the Church from asking you not to.

The government will dictate the terms of your health care, and more importantly suppress any attempt by the Church to influence your choices. They’ll even trot out misguided catholics to reassure you thatopen schism with Rome is The American Way.

The Chicago Way, of course, involves intimidating your enemies. Or jailing them.

Who will be the first Catholic priest Obama locks up?

And, of course, other churches would not be far behind if they chose not to ‘evolve’ would they?

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