Call me old fashioned, but marriage ought to come before a baby

I am not looking to cast shame, or negativity upon unwed mothers, I do not wish to return to a time when we ridiculed a woman who was pregnant and not married. And, to be fair, the man ought to get equal blame/credit. After all it takes two. But, there is, to me any way, a fine line between not ridiculing unwed mothers, and celebrating women and men who choose to have a baby WITHOUT getting married first, or at least very soon after they know of the baby.

I do not usually write about such topics, but looking at some pictures of Ciara, who is very pregnant, and very engaged to a rapper named Future made me think. Ciara is a beautiful woman, so this is not about settling. She can have any guy she wants. This is about doing the right thing. And the right thing would be to get married. Perhaps that makes me old fashioned, but I cannot hep thinking that in some ways, more of us ought to be old fashioned.

Here are some pics of Ciara, and her Fiance, Future. I truly hope the baby looks like her, if you know what I mean.

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