Blogging Appreciation Post

A look around the old Blogroll to see what my fellow bloggers are up to

Zilla- Governor Cuomo really is a Totalitarian prick isn’t he?

1389- If you ain’t down with Snow Leopards….

90 Miles From Tyranny- ObamaCare IS working as designed, that is the scary part

Fritz: WTF?

Act Well: What God Knows….

Robert: Robert Gates is telling the Truth

Donald Douglas: Yep, ObamaCare still sucks like a ten dollar hooker

Among the Joshua Trees: So, you want to be a sailor?

Angry Mike: Check out these hot women

Animal Magnetism: LEGS!

Batshit Crazy News: Now THAT is one expensive rectal exam

Bearing Arms: CNN almost starts to get it

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Rule 5 time kids

Blazing Cat Fur: The Left’s War on Freedom of Speech

Bring the Heat has some history

Bob Belvedere looks at the WILL to fight

Herschel Smith-About those “high-capacity” magazines

Conservative Hideout-Sounds like Obama to me

Zions Trumpet: Trampling the First Amendment

Chris Wysocki: What the Hell?

Wine, Women, and Politics: How government works

Theo Spark: A good drunk joke

Right Scoop: Schools demanding mental health tests for kids now?

Stacy McCain: Special Snowflake Syndrome strikes!

Lonely Conservative: Saturday Humor

That Mr. G Guy: PERVS!

RumBear: WHOA!

Reaganite Republican: Screw Karl Rove and his whiteboard!

Randys Roundtable: Best Quote EVAH!

Protein Wisdom: When is a Latina NOT a Latina?

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe 

Political hat: Herteranormtivity!

Political Clown parade: Hillary the Dishonorable

Pitsnipes: Yellow Fever!

William Teach: Even Porn Stars hate Marxifornia!

Sultan Knish: Friday Afternoon Roundup

Clash daily: Yes, armed citizens do reduce crime

Doug Powers: Breaking News! Rep. Keith Ellison is still an idiot

Doug Ross-Did you ever notice how racist progressives are?

Free North Carolina: Piers Morgan gets owned by Florida Sheriff

Big Fur Hat: Does the media ever listen to the things they say?

I’m 41- I think I will skip McDonald’s today

It Ain’t Holy Water- Man those look good!

Old Virginia: Happy Lee-Jackson Day

Nice Deb-Saturday Videos

Motor City Times: Frauds!

Moonbattery: MSNBC has a new host

American Perspective: Weirdos?

Maggie: Poland’s men send Jihadists a clear message

Mad Jewess: Banned Cartoons

Becca Lower: Did you ever notice how evil the ACLU is?


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