So, I guess I am a TRANSMYSOGINIST BASTARD too now?

Oh good grief, the Left never fails to amaze. Yesterday I wrote about Kat Haiche who called Stacy McCain a TRANSMYSOGINIST BASTARD because he dared use the term Shemale. This is, in part, what I wrote

Is it me, or does The Other McCain attract nut cases? And by nutcases I mean, Transgender Feminists like this extra-large slice of Eternally Bitter Pie

My name is Kat Haché (pronounced ah-SHAY). I am a succubus/grad student/artist/writer/intersectional transgender feminist. According to4chan, I make ”stupid fucking art and misogyny games”.
I have contributed to Gamervescent and Thought Catalog. My writing has been reposted or linked on TransadvocateThe BeheldThe New Inquiry, and Bustle. I talk about Transgender rights, advocacy, and activism, feminism, and sexism in video games. Oh, and cereal.

I bet she, or is it he, is soooo much fun to hang out with. I mean who does not relish time spent with people who are always angry and bitter? People who split their time between pretending to be a victim, and pretending they have something worthwhile to say. Yeppers, nothing is quite as fun as people who write meaningless pap like this

Being transgender, is, in pretty basic terms, a never-ending quest to assert and affirm the right to define oneself on one’s own terms in a world very intent on preventing one from doing so.  It’s an emphatic denial of the identities thrust upon us by a society that defines us by our adherence to socially prescribed norms.  For people who dare to defy these norms and refuse to be defined by an oppressive society, the punishment is , in turn, that same society attempting to define you by your deviance.  As you can imagine, this is both exhausting and dehumanizing, and our society doesn’t take very kindly to defiance.

Oh good freaking grief get over yourself! You want the truth? Here it is, no one give’s a rats ass if you are Gay, Straight, or Transgender. No one gives a damn about your plumbing, or you desire for different plumbing, or who you sleep with. And no one really gets your immature fixation with being so self-absorbed either. This is the problem with people who get all wrapped up in anything. People reject them not because of bigotry, or intolerance but because they get damned tired of everything having to revolve around an “identity”. Believe it or not, people obsessed with their sexuality/race/gender/favorite sports team/ religion/political beliefs are boring, and no one really likes boring people. And folks like Kat? BORING! So, rather than easing off on their obsessive behavior, they chalk the rejection up to being a “victim”. And no one relishes being a victim more than Liberals do.

Seems pretty cut and dry doesn’t it? My point is that people like Kat are not victims, and that no one really cares how Kat defines herself. People do tire, however, of  people who are totally obsessed with their own “identity”, be that identity, gender related, or race related, or religious, or whatever. This morning, Kat calls me “pathetic”  and plays the poor victim while denying that she plays a victim

Some very pathetic individuals (one of them, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a former member of a neo-confederate hate group) used some of these very same tactics against me recently, in efforts to intimidate me, to silence me, and to try to alter my self-perception and self-definition.  They’re not the first, but just like the others, they tried to use the very same tired tactic of trying to define me by my assumed anatomy and the totality of my identity by my membership in a culturally defined, marginalized group.  It didn’t work, and it didn’t work because I’m not my anatomy.  I’m transgender, but that’s not all I am.  I’m a strong, beautiful, smart, and capable woman who isn’t a “victim” at all, but rather, a survivor.  I’ve had to overcome more in my 26 years than most will ever have to face in a lifetime, and no one can take that away from me.  I’ve defined myself as a respected voice in the transgender community and in the feminist community, and I’ve done so in a short amount of time. 

See, I tried to “intimidate” Kat somehow. apparently my saying I could not care less about her “identity” is intimidation. Excuse my French here but let me say that is horse shit. I wrote an opinion that Kat disagrees with so she must attack me as some sort of bully, and pathetic and accuse me of trying to silence her. I am the very last person to try to silence anyone. I want everyone to voice their opinions, and everyone who reads this blog knows that. What Kat does not get is that I feel badly that anyone is so locked into their “identity” and being a victim that they likely are not very happy, how could they be? But, Kat is welcome to her state of denial. And in reading her post I see a resemblance to someone else



2 thoughts on “So, I guess I am a TRANSMYSOGINIST BASTARD too now?”

  1. She’s a succubus?

    Well, if he/she/it changed leagues, it’s possible I guess, but I’ll bet she/it smokes stuff that’s even illegal in Colorado.

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