Your Race Pimp of the Day is………..

Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is just stupid enough to think he is smart

We are into the sixth year of the era of a black president. In that time the conservative movement has gorged on a steady diet of watermelon jokes, waffle jokes,affirmative-action jokes, monkey jokes, barbecue jokes, terrorist machinations,secret Muslim plots, and dastardly Kenyan conspiracies. Three months ago, the movement reached a new low, waving the flag of slavery in front of the Obama’s home. It is tempting to call this the climax of a long campaign. That would exhibit an unearned optimism at odds with history. […]

BBQ jokes? I cannot even remember the last time I heard a BBQ joke. In fcat I do not remember ever hearing one BBQ, I would remind Coates is not a “Black” food, or a “White” food. It is traditionally Southern, so if someone told a BBQ joke, see Ta-Nehisi, we say BBQ, not barbecue you idiot, that joke would not be racial. Of course Coates is a race pimp, so everything is RAAAAACIST to him. And I am not even touching the accusation that Conservatives get together and tell “waffle jokes” about Obama. Good grief Coates should really get a new gig, because his bag of RAAAAACISM seems to be empty. 

Coates goes on, and on, making baseless accusations about White Supremacy, and bashing the Romney family as racists, blah, blah, blah. But, with these lines, Coates crosses into the really, really deep waters of idiocy

The problem was making any kind of light of a fraught subject—a black child being reared by a family whose essential beliefs were directly shaped by white supremacy, whose patriarch sought to lead a movement which derives most its energy from white supremacy. That’s a weighty subtext. But there is no one more worthy, and more capable, of holding that conversation than America’s most foremost public intellectual—Melissa Harris-Perry.

My God! Coates is a bigger buffoon than I thought. He is, in fact, so stupid he thinks Melissa Harris Perry, who makes a living being an idiot, is an intellectual giant.

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