The IRS Continues To Punish Obama’s Enemies (Video)

The IRS Continues To Punish Obama’s Enemies (Video) – Nice Deb

It’s been a little over half a year since the IRS scandal blew wide open in Washington DC, and an “outraged” Obama vowed to get to the bottom of it. But IRS officials who were involved, have not been held accountable, instead, they’ve been given generous bonuses and promotions. Rather than get to the bottom of it, the DOJ hasn’t even contacted any of the 41 conservative groups represented in the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) lawsuit against the IRS.

Instead, the Obama administration has actually ramped up its attacks on conservative groups and audits of people who criticize Obama on the news.


On Tuesday, the Regime moved to rein in the use of tax-exempt groups for political campaigning.

The effort is an attempt to reduce the role of such loosely regulated yet influential super PACS as Crossroads GPS, which was co-founded by GOP political strategist Karl Rove, and Priorities USA, which ran searing ads against rivals of President Barack Obama to support his re-election last year.

The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department proposed new rules that they said would prohibit such groups from using “candidate-related political activity” like running advertisements, registering voters or distributing campaign literature as activities that qualify them to be tax-exempt “social welfare” organizations.

Jay Sekulow, of The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), appeared on the Kelly File to discuss the move on Wednesday. The ACLJ is representing 41 organizations in a federal lawsuit challenging the IRS and he says the new regulations proposed by the IRS aimed at tax-exempt organizations is “changing the rules… while the game is still in play.”

“These proposed new regulations put the First Amendment rights of Americans at even greater risk,” said Sekulow. “This is a feeble attempt by the Obama Administration to justify its own wrong-doing with the IRS targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups. Instead of holding those responsible for the unlawful targeting scheme accountable for their actions, the Obama Administration is determined to further limit the free speech of Americans by attempting to change constitutional practices that are decades old. With this move, the Obama Administration opens a new front in its war against political dissent. We will file comments with the IRS opposing these new regulations.”

“The IRS is now engaging in a post-hoc justification for their illegal conduct”, Sekulow told Megyn Kelly.

“There’s something else here that’s sinister, here”, Sekulow continued. “The idea that this is going on in the middle of this litigation that we’ve got in which the treasury Dept. is being represented by the Treasury Dept, and the DOJ, and outside law firms and their changing the rules in the middle of this. Our clients applications are still pending after three years and you know what they deem to be an appropriate activity, here? Voter registration! Which is something the NAACP has done for decades so successfully.”

“So they can shut down your clients applications that have been delaying in some cases for three years based on this new rule if it’s approved?” Kelly asked.

“Sure,” Sekulow answered, “What they’re going to do is say they’ve got new standards now…”

“It makes it a lot easier to win if you changed the rules of the game!” Kelly concluded.


A hand written letter Obama sent to a conservative school teacher in Texas is making news.


Thomas J. Ritter was surprised to get a response from Obama on official White House ­stationery, after he wrote to the president ­expressing his dismay over the Affordable Health Care Act.

Ritter had written: “I hesitated to write for fear of some kind of retribution… I watched you make fun of tea baggers and your press secretary make fun of Ms. [Sarah] Palin which was especially beneath the dignity of the White House… Do the right thing not the political thing. Suggest a bill that Americans can support.”

In response, Obama said, (1.) “I… appreciate your concern about the toxic political environment right now. (2.) I do have to challenge you, though, on the notion that any citizen that disagrees with me has been ‘targeted and ridiculed’ or that I have ‘made fun’ of tea baggers… (3.) [I] defend strongly the right of everyone to speak their mind – ­including those who call me ‘socialist’ or worse.”

1. The tea party has been targeted by the IRS and others. It has also been roundly ridiculed by members of the left-wing media, and some people in his administration.

2. He himself has used the derisive, disgusting term, “teabaggers” in the past and in the present – as evidenced by his casual use of it in the letter!

3. Obama doesn’t defend his political enemies. He punishes them. As C. Steven Tucker and Bill Elliot discovered, this week.

Remember Bill Elliot, the cancer patient who lost his insurance due to ObamaCare and couldn’t pay the expensive new premiums? I posted the video of his interview with Megyn Kelly, here.

Elliot felt his new options were so expensive he was giving up – he would just pay the fine and “let nature take its course.”

C. Steven Tucker, a health insurance broker, helped him keep his insurance, appearing on some radio talk shows to talk about his case, and others like it.

Daniel Greefield of FrontPage Magazine explains what happened, next.

Now suddenly Bill Elliot is being audited for 2009 with an interview only scheduled in April 2014. Assuming he lives that long. That might be a coincidence, but Tucker is being audited back to 2003.

That’s a rather strange coincidence.

Would the IRS actually go after a cancer patient, who had voted for Obama initially, just for appearing on FOX and now being sharply critical of Obama and suggesting that he resign for his health plan lie?

Under the current insane state of affairs, where the IRS was used to silence the opposition, it’s unfortunately entirely possible. The fact that we are even having this discussion shows how badly Obama has undermined confidence in government institutions and the rule of law.

That’s the he Obama way.

Rewarding friends: Yep: Unions get their exemption from ObamaCare’s reinsurance fee

Punishing enemies: Obamacare will hit small businesses with higher rates, lower benefits, says major insurance broker

I don’t know what else to say, but #IMPEACH and #REPEAL

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