Is Wendy Davis crazy? Of course she is, she IS a Democrat after all

Ah, yes, Wendy Davis, the political hack who wants to be the next governor of my home state, Texas. She of the tennis shoes, and Left Wing rhetoric about “choice”, and the failed filibuster, she of the political grandstanding, and hyperbole. She who will be destroyed by Greg Abbott next November is, according to a source, a few cards short of a deck

In 1996, Wendy Davis lost a city council election in Fort Worth, Texas, and filed an utterly ridiculous lawsuit claiming she had been defamed by the local newspaper. (Trust me on this: I’ve recently become an expert onutterly ridiculous defamation lawsuits.)

One of the claims Davis made was that she had suffered damage to her mental health because of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram‘s coverage.

In other words: Wendy Davis is crazy and, she alleged, the newspaper made her crazy. However, I think any sane person perusing her lawsuitwould conclude that Wendy Davis was certifiably crazy long before she ever ran for city council.

Wendy Davis is to Texas politics what Amanda Bynes is to Hollywood starlets. Her campaign for governor? A cry for help.

I admire the fisking talents of The Other McCain ( go read the whole thing), and I leave y’all with this closing quote

Sympathy begets tolerance, and tolerance begets entitlement, and next thing you know, the inmates are not only running the asylum, but running for governor of Texas! Where will this madness end?

Well, the madness,a s a whole will go on because as McCain notes, all Liberals are kooks! But, Wendy Davis’s political end will arrive next November. I mean come on folks, this is Texas, does anyone think we are going to replace the Best Damned Governor in America with a kooky whiner in tennis shoes? Not so much! Your next governor? He will be rolling into office in a bit over a year


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