Obamacare is ripping the Totalitarian masks off the Left in America

As I was telling a friend in California last night, I can think of nothing that has exposed the true nature of the Left like Obamacare is currently doing. David Harsanyi seems to be thinking the same thing

You can’t keep your insurance if you like it under Obamacare because you’re too ignorant to understand what’s good for you.

That’s the argument we’ve been hearing from a lot of folks on the left; an argument that pivots from “common good” to soft authoritarianism. According to Michael Tomasky, President Barack Obama is all in, as well, claiming that he was merely guilty of forcing Americans to pick a ‘Ferrari’ over ‘Ford’ health-care plan. (Is it really “picking” if you’re forced?)

Obamacare is about coercion not choice, something I, and many others knew before the bill was even passed. In fact the very nature of how the bill was passed, before anyone could possibly read or grasp what was in it was about force. It was forced on Americans even though a majority opposed it. That is, ultimately the nature of Leftism. The motto of Leftists is “We Know Best” and individual choice must be crushed if the Leftist Utopia they crave is ever to become a reality. Obamacare is about crushing the choice we have in health care.

This is necessary because health care is not a product like a toaster is a product. (It only took me a few seconds online to find 613 different types of toasters, ranging in price from over $300 to $15. They weren’t subsidized and I could carry them across state lines, even. If health care were like toasters we’d all be in great shape.) And, like anything that features negative externalities, technocrats will tinker, nudge and, inevitably, push.

In fact, Harsanyi’s comparison of toasters and health insurance is dead on. Health insurance SHOULD be more like toasters. Competition brings out the best in companies, as it does in everything else. One key target in any healthcare law should have been to open up more competition. But, again, this monstrosity was never about fixing anything, it was about growing the power of government. The Left always grows government, again, they are, ultimately, Totalitarians

“America doesn’t have a free-market health care system and hasn’t for decades,” Business Insider’s Josh Barro wrote in a piece titled “If You Like Your Health Plan, You Probably Shouldn’t Be Able To Keep It .” “With taxpayer subsidies so embedded in everybody’s plan purchasing decisions, taxpayers have a legitimate interest in ensuring that health plans serve the public interest, not just private interests.”

I oppose government subsidies, always have. I want the government as far removed from the private sector as possible. I oppose them for two reasons. First, if an industry, or company cannot survive on the products or services it offers, it should go away. If and industry is healthy and thriving, then why should it need any tax subsidies? Secondly, I understand that government involvement, in this case through subsidies, will waste our taxes, and lead to more corruption, and to even bigger government.

Harsanyi also links to this piece by Sally Kohn, who, apparently, cannot wait to sacrifice her personal liberty, along with all of ours on the Altar of The Common Good

Conservatives are expressing shock and outrage that the Obama administration knew that many people in the individual insurance market would not be able to keep their plans once the Affordable Care Act took effect. Such shock is not surprising; overblown outrage is the stock and trade of conservative politics these days.

To Kohn it should not shock or outrage anyone that the president, and dozens of others lied. It should not bother us that these people did not tell that lie about “keeping our health insurance if we chose” in ignorance. Kohn ignores the fact that they KNEW millions would be forced to lose the coverage they wanted to keep. It is perfectly acceptable to Kohn for the government to lie, and force a massive piece of legislation  on to unwilling Americans because Kohn thinks, or perhaps I use that word, thinks, reluctantly, that it is for the common good. Kohn, like all Leftists, is a Collectivist. In her world all rights come from government, and individual rights are far less important than the “common good”. Here is more from Kohn

But here’s what conservatives won’t tell you, lest it undermine their theatrics: Many insurance plans are shutting down because they don’t meet the higher bar of quality benefits required under Obamacare, and of those people who lose access to their plans, many will pay less and all will have better and more comprehensive options.

See, Obama lied, and lied, and lied but he had to because, well, it is for our own good. We should not be silly and allow silly things like integrity, or our liberty us to protest against having the government run our healthcare. Sure, I mean, Congress and the president could have just tried to help uninsured Americans acquire health insurance and left everyone who was insured alone. But that might have actually fixed the problem. I mean come on comrades, which is more important here? Fixing a problem, or fundamentally transforming America? Kohn continues

Also, with a few exceptions, no one is really noting that this point isn’t quite news. In 2010, the fact that certain insurance plans would not be grandfathered into Obamacare because of their inadequate coverage was widely covered by the press. It was a given, after all that, if standards for health insurance were going to be raised in America — a good thing — then some plans that don’t meet the bar would no longer be available. One could blame this on the Affordable Care Act, or alternatively, one could blame this on insurance companies for providing such substandard care in the first place.

See the president did not lie, we all knew that millions would be forced to buy “better” insurance they do not want because of a piece written in the NY Times. The problem is that Obamacare passed in march, of 2010, the “widely covered” NY Times piece was published three months later. Of course we should ignore Kohn’s lies because COMMON GOOD Comrades! Facts are inconvenient things, and the truth is that Obamcare states that existing plans should not be altered

It’s right there in black-and-white on page 43 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The president’s famous promise that if you like your plan you can keep your plan (without which the bill most certainly would never have passed) is indeed the law of the land. It is Section 1251, to be exact. 

keep your plan

Ironclad. Bulletproof. If you like your plan, “nothing in this Act” can “require that an individual terminate coverage.”  It’s. The. Law.

So why are millions of Americans receiving cancellation letters?

Because in one of the first of many lawless abuses of executive authority to distort, ignore, or rewrite the law, President Obama issued a shameful regulation just months after the law was passed known as the Grandfathered Plan Rule that – in blatant violation of the president’s famous promise embodied in Section 1251 – terminated the overwhelming majority of plans in the individual market by invalidating grandfather status for minor routine changes of the sort that most plans have always made annually.

Ah, it was not actually Obamacare, it was HHS regulations that killed your plan America. And not only did President Obama know, he ALLOWED it to happen. I guess Kohn is not concerned about a president basically rewriting a law AFTER it is passed by regulating away his most consistent promise about the law. Again, it is all for the common good right? In closing, allow me to give the Sally Kohn’s of the world something to think about. If President Obama not only lied about allowing us to keep our coverage if we like it, but actually MADE that almost impossible through back door regulations, what else did he lie about? What else will he change through regulations? See that is the problem when we throw away our founding principles, and our Constitution for the “common good” we throw away our liberty at the same time. Of course, I might be wasting my breath trying to sell Leftists on the sweetness of individual liberty. Seems that they have never believed in that anyway, the common good and all.

Linked at The Other McCain, thanks Stacy makes a great point, about means, and ends

When people are willing to lie persistently and routinely to achieve their objectives, you can be sure their objectives are not good.

Some people hate freedom. Some people hate America.

We call these people “Democrats.” Don’t vote for them, ever.

A great piece of advice

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