And the media said nothing……………

Funny how these “racially-motivated killings and assaults are reported by our media isn’t it? Matt at Conservative Hideout lays it our for us

Well, the assaults and deaths due to racial violence  just keep on coming.  The latest comes from Ohio, when Jane Juergens, 55, went jogging on a trail in Ridgewood Park in Blendon Township.   She never returned. Her suspected killer, Jordan Stewart, is in police custody.   TV 10 has more…

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – A preliminary coroner report says a woman killed in Blendon Township was stabbed 26 times.
The Franklin County coroner says she did not find any wounds indicating that the victim tried to defend herself.

Jane Juergens, 55, while she was jogging on a trail in Ridgewood Park in Blendon Township.

Sixteen-year-old Jordan Stewart is charged in the crime.

A search warrant revealed a worker at the group home where Stewart lived told police he took two boys to Ridgewood Park on Sunday.

The staffer told police that Stewart took off. Just moments later, the employee said he saw Juergens park her car and go into the woods.  

The employee says 20 minutes later, Stewart ran out of the woods and his face was scratched and bruised. He claimed he tripped and fell.  

The staff member called police.

“To me it looks like there was a struggle or something.  I don’t know, I could be wrong, but it looks like there is something wrong,” the staffer said during a call to 911.

He said he questioned Stewart about what was wrong and he replied, “Don’t worry about it.”

A 911 call made from another group home indicates that Stewart may have reached out to someone after the crime.

“One of the residents came through crying and hysterical. I guess a boy at another site called her and told her he killed a woman at a park. He stabbed her like 20 times,” said the caller.

What the motivation was, I cannot say, and unless the killer tells us why we may never know, but Matt is on to something, had the races been reverse, or if the victim had been armed and shot her attacker, well then the narrative would be different

Sadly, there will be no protest marches for Jane Juergens. There will be no cries for “justice.” She will be buried, and her family and community will mourn her passing. But, the rest of the nation will never hear of her, or her tragic and violent end. You see, her death does not match the narrative.  Had she been armed, and killed her attacker instead, perhaps he would have been deified, and protests and marches calling for “justice” might have been held.  That, you see, is the only racial violence the national media will cover.

Sad but true


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