New Jersey Man Had Family Taken Away For Legally Owning A Gun

Brian Aitken: The Man Who Had His Family Taken Away For Legally Owning A Gun – Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Brian Aitken had his life destroyed for doing something that all Americans are constitutionally guaranteed the right to do, owning a firearm. While moving to the draconian, gun-hating state of New Jersey, Brian was pulled over while transporting his gun to his new home. Guns are all but banned in New Jersey, save for under some special circumstances, one of which is moving a gun to a new residence. Even though Brian had done nothing illegal, he was sentenced to seven years in prison by a depraved activist judge. He was pardoned after four months, but has been suffering from the fraudulent charges levied against him ever since.


Brian is still a convicted felon. He can’t travel to other countries, pass any type of background check, and worst of all, hasn’t been able to see his son in four years. Not only did Brian have four months of his life stolen from him, but his family as well. All this for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

There isn’t much I can say about Brian Aitken’s story that hasn’t already been said, save one small personal experience I had with Brian. I met him a few years ago at a retreat sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education in a small mountain town in Colorado. He was speaking to some people I knew, and I overheard somebody saying something about him being arrested. Selfishly, I asked him to retell his story to me, not knowing the full extent of the horrors he had gone through, and without considering how many time he must have been asked this before.

After he finished, I think my jaw had actually been left agape in a bewildered stupor. I was shocked by his story, but was even more shocked by how he carried himself throughout the entire conversation. He was cheerful throughout the whole conversation, he even made a few jokes while telling me his story. I could only think that had I endured what Brian had, that I would have come out a bitter wretch. While Brian’s life may have been destroyed by New Jersey’s fascist laws, Brian was not.

Brian is petitioning the Supreme Court of the United States to hear his case, and overturn his status as a felon so he can see his son again, but he needs help. Brian is raising money to pay for legal costs by selling his new book online. You can pre order a digital copy for only $8, or you can pre order a physical first edition hardcover copy for $32. All of the proceeds will go directly to help Brian in his battle to get his son back and to clear his name.

I strongly urge everyone reading this to go to and help Brian in his fight. We need to show the United States government that we will not tolerate their bullying of innocent citizens. We must speak out now, not only to clear an innocent man’s name, but also in the hopes that we may be able to prevent this from ever happening again.

You can help contribute to Brian’s legal defense at

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4 thoughts on “New Jersey Man Had Family Taken Away For Legally Owning A Gun”

  1. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    How much longer will it take before the American people have had enough? How much longer can we keep it peaceful? I hope and pray that the money raised by this book will be enough to hire a decent lawyer to fight this in the courts. This guy got screwed, and we must work to get this fixed. Or, we can just add it to our list of justifications for the violent actions sure to come in time.

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