Clean? What the hell would Harry Reid know about clean?

Oh those Democrats. they love to control the language of political debate. And by control the language, I do not mean control the debate by substance, or by the merit of their ideology. I mean they wish to inject emotionalism into the debate by misusing words. fair, equal, choice, bipartisan, partisan, are among the words Democrats have used to control debate in recent  times. They basically use these words over, and over, and again to convince Americans that they are best served if Democrats get what they want.

In the current government shutdown, Democrats like Harry Reid keep using the word “clean” as in those damned dirt Republicans who eat babies, and push old ladies off cliffs need to pass a “clean” funding bill. Clean? What does that even mean? Well, trust me when I say that Reid and his posse define clean as “we get everything we want and those Republicans can suck it!” This as much like Democrats misuse the words partisan and bipartisan. Those words have meanings, but Democrats spin those words to mean  “we get everything we want and those Republicans can suck it!”

Of course, Democrats have been bastardizing the meanings of words for a long time because they must lie, and lie to you and me to get their way. Honesty? PLEASE! Democrats only want more, as in more of our money, more of our liberties, and MORE control! And if they have to tell the same lie a thousands of times, they will. And if you do not believe me, I guess you still think you can keep your health coverage and doctor too!


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