Stupid on a level never thought possible: War crimes in video games should be punished, ICRC says

Good Freaking Grief!

The International Committee of the Red Cross have called for video games to punish crimes committed in battle by adhering to real-life international war conventions.

“The ICRC believes there is a place for international humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict) in video games,” the organization that works worldwide to provide humanitarian help for people caught in war zones said in a statement on their website.

“The ICRC is concerned that certain game scenarios could lead to a trivialization of serious violations of the law of armed conflict,” they added. “The fear is that eventually such illegal acts will be perceived as acceptable behavior.” 

They are games, not  real life

Bernard Barrett, a spokesman for the organization said they were not trying to censor games or spoil people’s fun, but rather, “make clear that there are rules in battle and that certain acts are illegal.”

Shooting civilians, torture, attacking ambulances and killing prisoners are all aspects in video games that they want to address, he explained.

He added that they were not concerned with fantasy games, but those that mimic situations that might be seen in current armed conflicts, known as “first person shooters” although he declined to name specific titles.

Again, they are games, they are not real.


3 thoughts on “Stupid on a level never thought possible: War crimes in video games should be punished, ICRC says”

  1. So will the crimes be punished in a virtual reality? Put the “perpetrator” character in a digital prison? So we’ll need digital courts, digital attorneys, digital corrections officers …

    The asinine nature of what the Red Cross proposes here (and yes, I know the American Red Cross is not the same as the International Red Cross, but apply leverage where it will have some impact) should be an embarrassment to any rational Red Cross executive – and I hope it hurts their credibility and ability to raise funds.

  2. But “they are not trying to censor games”?? Right.
    Why not tackle what’s wrong in REAL society and leave pretend games alone.

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